Sunday, March 9, 2014

Jan. 26th 2wks and Phoebe's Bday

Day 26th:
Corby is 2 wks old
Corby continues to be an easy baby! Yesterday I started giving him 1oz of formula after nursing b/c I wasn't sure he was getting enough, so he is now eating every 3hrs. We are usually in bed around 10 and he is just waking up one time during the night, usually 2am and then again around 6am.
 We celebrated my niece Phoebe today, she will be six tomorrow! This was Brady's second time to roller skate and Charley's first! Neither were too kin on the idea, they were super scared but they gave it a try and I was proud! Poor Ryan never goes to anyone's bday parties and today was stuck trying to teach two kids to skate, what he doesn't know he gets to do it all over again next weekend at another partt, lol! He was a trooper for sure!
 The birthday girl!
 Man, he looks really big here!

She looks scared right?

My bro in law giving moral support :)

Charley liked the carpet much better!
I like this view much better, mom!

Charley and her friend Lorelei

There's a smile!

Look he's smiling too!

Sweet girl!

Cake Time!

 2nd Birthday party in two weeks
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Jan. 22nd-25th Hilary Everyday

Day 22:
This girl Loves her little brother!

So a friend of mine text me maybe a day after Corby was born and told me that this wonderful well known photography was looking for newborns for a mentor session and was offering free pictures in return so we contacted her right away. Corby and I went on the 17th, he was just 5days old. Today I saw this on her fb page! So stinkin precious, can't wait to see the rest!
Day 23:
When getting your nails done takes the backseat adn bitting them off makes more sense.

Just cause their both so cute!


 Day 24:
When your daughter is obessed with dressing and redressing herself several times a day!
Day 25:

 There comes a time once you have kids that you learn that your bed is where everybody would rather be than their own!
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Jan. 20th & 21st Feelin FanTACHEtic and 2 Firsts

Day 20:
Feelin FanTACHEtic

Day 21:
First Day just me and lil man without big brother and big sister
I took Charley to school today for the first time since Corby's been, thought it would be good for her to stick with her routine and good for Corby and I to get bond just the two of us not to mention maybe catch up on some sleep!
First bath time was exciting for all of us! Corby absolutely hated and screamed louder than I'd every heard him scream but the kids, mommy got to check one more thing off her baby first list and the kids loved getting to help!

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