Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sept. 21-22nd Productive, New Carseat, Party, 1st Maxi, and Cooking with Daddy

Feeling Productive-I woke up feeling very productive, I decided I was going to put the crib together and get Brady's clothes down from the attic to start going through and washing for Corby. Unforunately, I couldn't find all the screws for the crib so that we'll have to wait on that, but I did go through 0-12months clothes of Brady's, threw some out that were stained, made a pile to sell, and a pile to wash and keep! I'm so thankful I was a baby clothes hoarder and kept all of their clothes, its going to save me so much money!
New Carseat-In order for all kids to fit in the backseat of the Suburban Charley was in need of a smaller carseat that wasn't so wide, so when I found a Giraffe print carseat at Walmart for $36 I was sold! Not just cheap but cute, right up my alley! I also decided to go ahead an separate the kids since Corby will be sitting in the middle anyway and to keep them from killing each other and driving me bonkers, lol!

 These are just 0-6 months clothes ready to be washed!
 She loves her new carseat!

 Separation means cup holders in the middle can be used

Brooklyn's 1st Birthday
My BFF's youngest little girl turned one on the 19th and today we got to celebrate with them! Jenn is always so creative, not sure how she does it with 4 kids, definitely a super mom! It was a Lady Bug theme and everything was just so cute!

 The birthday girl!
 Opening presents

 Cake Time

 Now to clean up!

The girls got these and a lady bug pillow case, so fun!
 "Sizzie, " Landry, Ally, and Charley

Sunday, Sept. 22nd
First Maxi Skirt, this girl loves the camera


 I could eat her up
Cooking Dove jalapeno pooper with Daddy
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Sept. 18th-20th Ice Cream, Lunch with Brady, 24wks, Gymnastics Take 2, Modeling

After work I picked up the kids and we headed to a friend's house to see her new baby that! There are 7 girls that are pregnant in our Sunday School class, this was the first one to be born and 2 are due in any day now! 5 boys and 2 girls, there is no bigger blessing that having Christian friends to grow up with, so thankful!
We got home in time to go to church but this mama bear was tired so we decided to stay home. We ran into our favorite ice cream truck guy our my friend's house so we rushed home, ate a quick dinner, showered and waited patiently for him! 

These crazy messy kids, why did I bath them first, lol?

Thursday Sept. 18th
Lunch with Brady
Charley and I hadn't gotten to go eat lunch at school with Brady yet, so we thought this was a perfect day! Charley always loves going to his school, she thinks she's a big girl!

Friday Sept. 20th
24wks, Gymnastics Take 2 & A Little Modeling
So I'm 24wks, Corby is the size of a Cantaloupe this week! I'm feeling pretty good, work days are long but so thankful is only 2 1/2 days. He is moving around so much, I love it! I actually was able to not only feel his kicks but see some too this week! I'm craving salads, which I did with the B & C too, that's probably the only healthy thing, lol! Taco Bell bean burritos and anything Mexican I can't get enough of!  
Gymnastics today was just as fun as last week, Charley even got to do two new things balance beam and trampoline! She loves it!
My mother-in-law is a director at a daycare in Irving and they tring out a new photographer for their seasonal pictures so who better to model for a flyer Charley and her cousin Cori!
She wanted to wear her pink leotard today

First time on the Balance beam
First time on the trampoline


Sept. 15th I Love Her Curls!

I got a wild hair when I pulled in my straightener this morning to straighten Charley's hair! I did as much a I could in the 3min she allowed me, girl couldn't stand still! I almost cried when I finished, I know I am biased but I think my kids are the cutest ever and would be cute no matter what! But man though, its crazy just straightening her hair made her look so much older serioulsy like a completely different kid!  I can guarantee you I will not be doing this again anytime soon! I LOVE HER and HER CURLS!!! 

 She is such a diva, she lovews wearing my sunglasses!
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