Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Weekend Full of LOVE

Yesterday was a day full of basketball, last game of the season, pitching lesson, lunch with Mimi and Popi, just me time at Target, a nap for me and Corbs, and hanging with friends. 

 Another cute shirt for Corbs, this one happened to be Brady's.
 Watching big brother

 Love when we find Walmart or Target in this case, shirts to match our MJ
Oh to have an hour by myself with Starbucks at Target is the BEST!
 Corby loves, loves babies, so to have two babies to hold and play with made his day
 Corby with Covey and Scottie
 Charley might love babies just as much, she wouldn't even hardly play with her friend and their big sister Jade b/c she just wanted to hold them.

 Nixon just chillaxion

Happy Valentine's Day!
 Celebrating VDay as a couple hasn't been as big of a deal for me since having kids. Even before kids I've always felt like if Ryan was going to give me a gift I did not want flowers. I feel like this one day out of the year where flowers seem to be a must gift and I don't want him to feel like he must give me something b/c everyone else is doing it. I'd prefer flowers not even on my birthday but on an expected day, just cause. Spending an hour at Target yesterday, getting a run in by myself, watching Notting Hill all by myself while he looks after the kids, those are the kind of gifts that mean the most to me. 
Celebrating VDay with my kids and making it a super special day is a big deal for me! I got up early this morning and made them a Valentine breakfast b/c let's be honest holidays are the only days they get homemade breakfast. I hate that too but somewhere I messed up and our crazy kids got used to eating cereal and would prefer eating it over most any breakfast, except bacon. I learned years ago killing myself over breakfast was not worth it sadly. This morning though I decided homemade donut holes were in order. My mom used to make them for us growing up and taking a bite brings make lots of good memories and I want my kids to remember silly things like that too. I also made some Mini Bacon Egg cups in heart shaped muffin tin of course. It took me a couple of pours before I figured out how to get them just right, I included a picture of mess ups to keep it real.

 I found these adorable mailboxes at Target

 She is usually always the first one up!
 We thought this hard was perfect for her!

 She loved her house shoes

Besides the scribble on the left from courtesy of Corby she did a great job on them!

 Brady is our little jokester so he loved his book and of course his Kd hat

So all you need is...

1. Can of biscuits (I like grands)
2. Sugar
3. Cinnamon 

-Preheat oil to 350 in fryer pan (I use fryer pan) 
-Mix sugar and cinnamon in a bowl and set aside
-Open can of biscuits, separate, and cut them into quarters with a knife. ( I attempted to cut them into hearts but just a few were even recognizable so it was a waste of time)
-Throw a handful of biscuits in the hot oil and fry until golden brown 
-Place onto a paper towel line plate to soak some grease
-While still hot roll in cinnamon sugar mixture  
-Cool and Enjoy!

 Corby enjoyed licking the cinnamon/sugar off

 Mini Bacon Egg Cups
The pretty ones...
 The top left two were my mess ups, lol

 Pretty ones
Mess Ups

 But what was great was when you turned them over even the mess up ones looked great!!!
 A little Valentine Starbucks and some Jesus this morning!
 I loved the message this morning about disciple makers and typically Hilary fashion I misspelled ministry, lol.
 Ryan attempted to take me to one of my favorites restaurants but poor guy didn't realize how bad the wait would be today, it's the thought that counts. Instead we ended up Snappy Salad. My kids and I LOVE salads!!!!

Our boys!!! 
Corby was decked out in all Brady's old clothes, shirt, jeans, socks, and shoes!
 My Valentines!!!!

 I got a pic of Charley on the hill too but her crazy was blowing crazy so we had to do a redo at the house. Her outfit is from and her hair clip from the amazing Vanessa Wood owner of Willa Lou & Tillie Too Bows she does lots of Made to Match stuff for MJ but also loves custom orders.

It was shocking to me that we didn't already own this book, that may make me a bad mom, but now we have it and Corbs enjoyed our reading before naptime!

 I love you stinky face!
How perfect one of my favorite movies came on while I was blogging. And yes my Christmas stuff is still up, lol, I'm awful!! Julia Roberts is by far my favorite actress and in my top 5 fav movies are this movie and my Best Friends Wedding, in which songs for both were used in my wedding! I came down the isle to Suite from My Best Friend's Wedding (it was perfect, the doors opened right at the climatic part for me to begin my walk, still gives me chills) and one of my dear friends sang When You Say Nothing at All.

First run in over a week, not good when your race is 2wks away. 

McAlister's for VDay Dinner. Real love is giving your picky away. 

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