Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nov. 20th-21st Practice, Practice, Practice

For some reason I thought signing Brady up for two sports was a good idea, its not like I'm 8months pregnant and will have a baby in the middle of both seasons, so what's the big deal right? This week I learned my lesson. We have practice every night this week but yesterday! So, Charley and I have spent hours sitting and watching Brady practicing basketball and flag football!

 This is my practice sideline buddy this week!
 Brady's first pair of basketball shoes! Yes, they're as huge as they look, first grade, size 4.5
He couldn't get home and get them on fast enough!
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Nov. 16th-17th My Charley Girl and Corby's Blankie

I love this little girl's spunk and personality! She can be crazy wild one minute and sweet and cuddly the next!

 My cuddle rocking buddy
My friend Hillary is making Corby's bedding and today she finished the first piece, his blankie! Can't wait to see him cuddle with it!
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nov. 9th-12th Football, New Chair, New Class, Shower

I wasn't feeling well at all this weekend so I did I lot of laying around and resting, luckily it was a game free, plans free weekend! 

Saturday night we watched our Fighting Irish football. Sunday after church and a good nap I woke up to Ryan and Brady coming home from bball practice with a new chair for me! With my lovely varicose veins standing for long periods of time makes me ache! Let's be honest sitting does too, but anyway I had mentioned to Ryan a couple of weeks ago that I wanted a vanity chair for my bathroom (not sure why I don't have one after all these years), and after getting ready this morning for church I reminded him again. So what did my sweet husband do, surprise with an early Christmas present! He said there was no reason to wait another month when I'm almost done being prego, when its now I really need it! Ryan is a great guy but a romantic or a surpriser he is not, so when he does things like this, it makes it even better! He even went to World Market, his first and probably only visit in there ever!
Watching our football
My new chair
Monday 11th
I walked into Charley's school on Monday with a note on the door saying she had gotten moved up to a new class! I usually have a more advanced notice to prepare myself, it's a little easier now that's she's older and this time b/c she is now in Ms. Jessica's class, one of Brady's former and favorite teachers!

             I love this girl's personality!

 Tuesday 12th
Today we showered my co-worker and her future hubby with a school wedding shower! The number one reason I love my job is because of the people I work with it! I couldn't ask for a better group of Christian ladies to spend my day with it!
Stephanie (Art Teacher), Maresa (the bride and my co worker), Me, Amanda (my job share partner and yes we're both prego), and Jessica (music teacher), we somehow are missing Janet (drama teacher and Maresa future mother-in-law)
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov. 8th Molluscum Contagious Virus

This summer I noticed what I thought were little skin tags on Charley's neck. I didn't think twice about it b/c honestly Ryan's family are a skin taggy/moley people, so I just thought she was going to have some too! After going in for her 3yr check up in July, I just happened to think to ask the doctor about them and to my surprise I was very wrong! Our doctor told us it was Molluscum Contagious Virus which is a skin infection that causes small pearly or flesh-colored bumps. They are not painful and can sometimes go away on there on, however Charley's started spreading on her neck and her bottom as well! They told me they virus is contagious through skin to skin contact, bathing/swimming together, or sharing a towel or objects that have touched the spots. So, I guessing she maybe got them from swimming lessons this summer maybe, its hard to say they say sometimes it takes 6months to show up.
Our Dr. suggested going to the dermatologist, today was our 4th visit, 4th treatment! For some reason, Charley's are super stubborn and are not all going away or we keep finding new ones. The treatments have gotten harder and harder this was by far the worst one, b/c they decided to double the meds. Before they would freeze the big ones and just put what they call bug juice on the others, but today each sore got both, the reaction which you we see below was AWFUL!!! Charley this time had was screaming her little lungs out, crying, "I want Daddy and I want Corby!" It broke my heart and took everything ounce of me not to cry with her. All I could do was try and hold her, kiss her, and tell her how brave she was!
I praying that this will have to be our last treament, I honestly don't think I can see my little girl in pain like that again! I will say this she is one very tough cookie, I'm very proud of her!

This picture was before our second treatment, I know its hard to see, but you can see that some went away and are just little scars now and then I pointed out one so you can see what they look like!
After treatment, worst reaction ever, her neck,bottom, and inside of her things were so sore, she wouldn't even turn her had and when she walked she walked with straight straddled legs!

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Nov. 8th 31wks 4D Sono

Today was a exciting today! Not only am I one week closer to meeting my lil man, but we had a 4D sonogram! The first time I brought my mom and mother-in-law and Corby didn't cooperate, so today I wasn't sure what was going to happen. It was just Charley and I today, so maybe he's just shy, b/c he performed fantastically! This was seriously the neatest thing I've ever seen (first 4D sono for me, did a 3D with Charley)! You could see him opening his eye and mouth and he even smiled at us! Words cannot express the emotions I was feeling watching him! Babies are such little miracles and technology is the BOMB! I can't believe I'm having a baby again!!!

 A smile!
 Opening his mouth
" There's my Corby," Charley says!
His right eye (when looking at him) turns black, that's him opening it! Be patient the smile is at the towards the end!
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nov. 1st-2nd 30wks, More of Brady's Work, & Rockers

30weeks!!!! Several people have mentioned that I got lucky this week being the size of a small pumpkin, but I'll be honest, I decided that on my own, I think I was supposed to be a large cabbage, but that's not fun especially during fall and the week of Halloween!
Another spelling test, another 100

They decorated pumpkins and then had to write sentences about them.
Sat. 2nd
I finally convince Ryan we needed a new chair for me to be able to rock Corby in, so last weekend we went found one and it got delievered first thing this morning! The kids wanted to sit in it and pracitce their rocking skills for Corby! I am so very blessed to have two kiddos that are going to be such great helpers and I can't wait to spend many sleepless night and days rocking and holding my baby boy in this chair!
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Oct. 30th-31st Happy Halloween

Our church Trunk or Treat was tonight, and we invited our neighbor friends, so Brady was even more excited! I was so thankful it didn't end up raining on us, however, when we got to the church they decided to go ahead and put everything inside. I totally understand their reasoning but it was INSANE, so insane I was ready to leave the minute we got there, lol! I hung in there for a little and luckily Ryan was there to help corral the kids.

Seriously have you ever seen a more cute Velma?
And Scooby Doo (you can see here, how he's costume was a little small, poor boy was getting chocked not only in the throat but crouch too, lol!
I love these kids!
The kids with our neighbors!
The hot dog, Kaleb, is actual in 4th grade and the boxer, Kole,  is in 2nd, Brady isn't tall at all, lol!
Ever since Brady's first Halloween I have always gotten a shirt to match his costume, which is one of reasons I love for them their costumes to go together! I usually have something made but I had about decided I wasn't going to have one this year, but about 5:15pm (the trunk or treat started at 6:30) I decided to make one really fast, luckily I had a white shirt and fabric pens, don't look too close!
Charley, Landry, and baby Hayden

Ally, Lizzie, and Char Char
and their precious Big Brother, Karson, Cooper, and Brady

Oct. 31st
Sweet Boy, Nails, 4D Sono, & First Trick or Treating
So, because Brady's costume was a little snug I decided to grab a second last minute costume while he was at school today and of course Charley thought she needed one too. Since I didn't let her pick the first time I thought it was only fair for her to get to pick one too, so Tinker Bell is was!

We have always been at either my current church's Trunk or Treat or my old church's Trunk or Treat on Halloween but this year our church's wasn't on Halloween and since Brady is in school now, as much as I'd love to be hanging with my sister and her kids at our old church it just makes it hard to be at so late and get him up for the school he next day, so we were left we nothing to do. We have a very nice neighborhood but I didn't want to feel like taking the kids by myself (I told Ryan since he got off of work last night early and came, he didn't have to come tonight). So, when I heard Jenn talking about trick or treating in her neighborhood I invited myself :)! The kids had a blast! I really glad we decided to join them, I was pooped but it was worth it!

I walked into the kitchen this morning to see this sweet boy like this, cooking him and Charley breakfast. I had asked him to get dressed while I was in the shower and when I got out he had gotten himself dressed, including socks and shoes, brushed his teeth and hair and then making breakfast. Considering how some of our mornings go with lots of struggles, this was a huge accomplishment and made this mama super happy! This boy has a very sweet heart and I love it!

My nails and eyebrows had been well over do, so I decided to go this morning before my 4d sono and the nail people insisted on doing Charley's nails! She sat so still and loved every minute of it!

Coloring while I finished up my pedicure
Halloween Nails
Corby wasn't really cooperating today for the 4d sono, so we'll try again next week, but we did get this pic!

 My Tinker Bell
 She wanted to show me her wings!
 Precious little face

 My firece Wolverine
 My heart smiles every time I look at my kids!

 My kids and the Towery hang

 Charley, Rily (Lizzie's cousin), and Lizzie
 Lizzie and Charley
 I could never get a picture of Brady trink or treating he was too fast

 Charley was getting tired from walking and Ms. Jenn had a great fix

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