Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hilary Happenings April 23rd-May 19th

April 23rd
Brady's Piano Recital & Baseball
So proud Brady and love that is so well rounded, not just a sports guy! Right after piano we had to rush to get him fed then it was off to baseball. And yes, if you are wondering, I am crazy and went to both his recital and games just getting home yesterday from gallbladder surgery. I am feeling fairly good, just moving slow but food is not sitting well which is as expected. I have a hard time sitting, doing nothing, especially if I know my kids are participating in something I'm missing.

I love these boys and love that Popi and all the grandparents make a point to come support the kids. 

April 25th
First day left alone after surgery to figure out how to get Corbs out of bed. Technically I am not supposed to be lifting anything over 10lbs, I'd guess Corbs is close to 35lbs now, lol.

Miss Maeggy came over this afternoon to help me entertain the kids while I tried to rest. They played baseball and had a picnic outside. 
We have been extremely blessed with friends bringing us meals. Today my friend Jayme brought us over a homemade sprinkle cake and the kids were in heaven. 

 He kept looking at me like, "mom, you really ok with me doing this, lol?"
 He is obsessed with baseball!

 Notice out slicked back hair, still dealing with lice!!!!!!

April 26th
Boy has it been a crazy two weeks in the Boozer household!!!! An unexpected surgery, on top of other craziness brought me to my breaking point for a moment yesterday, sadly life with 3 kids doesn't slow down when you're down! But I will not allow it it to steal my joy! I have so many more things to be grateful for and I will choose to focus on them!!! GOD IS GOOD Y'ALL!!! ALL THE TIME!!!

Another yummy dinner from one of my besties! Corby thought it was perfect! This was unprovoked, I was simply expected him to say good or yummy, love this boy!

 Love this boy!

April 27th
Beautiful  flowers and Crazy Kids!

This kid has the best personality and makes me laugh!

April 28th
Bible Journalin' and Baseball
 I have not been able to get Charlie Puth's song One Call Away out of my head, I just love it! So what does a Jesus lovin' bible journalin' girl to do? Make it about Jesus and journal it, b/c how true is it about Him?!

Corby loves being outside, loves baseball, and even more so loves his brother and anything he does! And Brady is the best big brother, I love their bond!

April 29th
 Looking cute this Friday morning right???!!! That's b/c mama gets to pick out her clothes starting today, for a week. My reward, her consequence for a week of battling her mama about what she is going to wear. I attempted to let go of the reigns, which was very difficult might I add, awhile back, but when she wants to wear sweaty clothes aka athletic clothes everyday, pants only, not shorts it becomes a problem when we've worn every pair we own and mama is behind on laundry. Mama had to nip it in the bud!

Corby got to join me at the nail salon and let me just brag on him, normally this would not be a wise decision on my part, b/c as we like to say he's an animal, but he was so good!

April 30th
Softball, Corby's 1st Hair Cut  Trim, and Bennett's Bash 

Charley's 1st Double!!!

At the end of each game the coach hands out softball stickers to each girl for doing something good, today Charley's was for her first double!

Corby, as you can see just had 3 wild tails that I decided should be cut, so while the kids were with my parents tonight I asked her to cut them off for me. It's amazing what cutting just these three strands off did, it really seemed like he got a lot cute off.

He brought his curls home to me!

We got invited to Bennett's Bash benefit and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! 
Bennett is the grandson of our first Sunday School teachers at our current church, whom we just loved, so we were honored to be there! You can read about his precious little life below.
We bid on this trip below and actually won!
Some sweet friends from church who we shared a table with!

May 1st
Matchy Mini Me and Naps
Sunday best with my favorite little girl! I love matching my lil mini me, especially in Matilda Jane.

I just to be totally against the kids sleeping in our bed, but knowing his my last, I soak up all these sweet moments with him and Sunday naps with him are something I look forward to.
He stole my apple and decided the best place to sit and have his snack was on the kitchen floor in his sister's old shoes, lol!

May 2nd
Pretty Charley Girl & A Favorite Sandwich
 Showers bring on the most prettiest of Flowers!

One thing we love at shopping at Market Street is when they have their samples out to taste. We have always loved some of their dips and spreads but never thought to make a sandwich until we tried this sample and we're hooked. 

The bread they actually don't sell in the store, it's the bread they order to use in their cafe but they sold it to me, hehe. 

 Smoked Gouda BT Sandwich
Cook bacon 
Cut tomatoes 
Butter and Toast bread
Spread the Smoked Gouda Pimento Spread on both sides
Add bacon and tomato
And EAT!!!

May 3rd 
 Bible Journalin', New Walking Shoes, Field Trip, and Kindergarten Round Up
 My lips will pour forth praise...
My tongue will sing of your word...
Psalm 119:171-172

I'm always on the look out for a fun new shoe but especially a fashionable walking shoe b/c nothing can ruin a good outfit on the streets of NY or on other walking vacas than an ugly tennis shoe. We are going to Disney in Sept, shh, it's a surprise, hehe, but I've been looking for a comfy yet cute walking shoe and I found some! I found these at Nordstrom Rack, they are made by Asics and called Metrowalk. You're in luck though I just saw that they are on sale right now on Asics  website for $29.99, usually $65.
Today they were the perfect touch to my cute field trip outfit to the Perot Museum with Brady. 

Explorer Vest-Cabi 
Shirt-Banana Republic but sadly an old style
Jeans- Target that I blogged about awhile back in this post
I had so much fun hanging with him today!

Putting at Daddy's office building!
He is such a nut, lol!

All day with Brady on a field trip and tonight with Charley at Kindergarten Round Up, can't believe our little girl will be in kinder!

May 4th
A Picture Worth A Thousand Words and Oh Boys
 I love this pic Char snapped of me this morning, talking to Jesus!! I pray the her and her brothers would forever remember me in this place spending time in God's word and one day grasp the importance of talking to Him and digging into His word!

Oh this melts me!

May 5th 
Belated Birthday Celebration
Since I spent my birthday in the hospital getting my gallbladder out, I wasn't able to celebrate with my dearest friends, so we finally were able to go out today for lunch! God has truly blessed me with the BEST FRIENDS EVER and from all periods of my life, childhood, high school, college, church, etc. Love these girls and all of those God has placed in my life!

Some Kendra Scott belated bday presents. The kids and Ryan got me the necklace, thanks to my bestie Jenn for dragging 7 kids to the Kendra Scott store to pick it up while I was in the hospital, and my mama got me the matching earrings. I kinda like the idea of dragging my bday out.

May 6th
Charley Girl-Report Card & Cutieness
Lunch with Boys and Mother's Day dinner

Corby's Report Card
What better way to spend the Friday before Mother's Day than a surprise lunch at school with Brady. Corbs thought it was a good idea for sure! If only I had remembered his lunch time was at 12:00pm and not 11:30am we wouldn't have had to entertain ourselves in the hallway waiting for him, lol. 

Just sweetness!

We decided to try Hibachi for a belated birthday and early Mother's day. 

May 7th
Baseball and Softball kinda of Weekend
Doesn't get much sweeter than this, lil man watching on as his big bro hits!
I found my new favorite flavor and as much as I don't like to share, he is kinda hard to say no to.

Brady got to hang out with his baseball buddies at a teammates bday party!

May 8th
Mother's Day
Obviously Mother's Day is one of my favorite days but not just for the obvious reasons, that I love being a mom and that I have the best mom in the world but that this day 3yrs ago after a 2yr journey of trying to get pregnant I took a test that popped up positive, seriously the best Mother's Day gift ever (read about it here)! I love my kids and am truly blessed to be there mama! The make my heart so full!
 I teach 9th grade girls at church and I thought it would be fun and their mother's would love it if they made them a homemade craft, because you are never to be to make a Mother's day craft.

I had to make one for my mama too! 

Just as much as I love my mama, I love my crazy sisters too!

May 9th
This was Brady's first year to have to take the STAAR test, and let me just say how much I HATE standardized testing. I was going a very good student, I had to work hard but I made good grades but when it came to taking these test it made be look like I was a dummy. I even had to take a specialy math class and study skills class my freshman year in college and even after making the Dean's list both semester, when transferring to ACU they still looked at my ACT and SAT scores and I was once again stuck in these classes. 
This is the biggest reason for me deciding to major in Reading along side my Kinesiology degree was so that I could help kids to become more confident readers and of course teach them comprehension strategies to help them crush tests like this. 

Brady felt super confident for the math test but was a little nervous for reading. I know he will do great! My prayer is that he would remember all the skills that he has been taught, he would stay calm, take his time, and look over his work. 

Acting nervous :)

May 10th
Reading STAAR 
He conquered day 1, now on to day 2, reading.

May 12th
30 Day Praise Challenge for Parents
Started reading the 30 Day Praise Challenge for Parents by Becky Harling this week and man has been good!
Such a great reminder on Day 1 that God masterfully created our children and knit them together in my womb. He wired them intentionally, their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social design and the very qualities that frustrate us. He carefully and skillfully crafted every detail of their body to reflect His image. Our children are His masterpiece, so I will do my best to intentionally praise Him for their unique design even at times that don't seem very praise worthy!

May 14th
30 Day Praise Challenge for Parents, Maegan's Graduation, and Baseball
Praising Him this morning that he is my source of wisdom and he knows my children better than me! He will provide me with the wisdom I need moment by moment facing any and all parenting challenges, I just have to ask!  
 We are so proud of this girl! I have watched her grow into a a beautiful young lady since 6th grade. I had the privilege to teach and coach her for years in junior high and high school and then over the last 5yrs "adopted" her as one of our own. It started out as just watching the kids for us to becoming like another child of ours and friend! We can not wait to see what God has in store for her. 

He wore himself out!

May 15th
 A good Sunday for Jesus, Baseball, and a Birthday party

Charley eventually had a blast at her friend Harper's party at first she wasn't enjoying the skating, even though she's done it before, she was not digging it. She slowly but surely skated without the assistance. 

May 15th
Running shoes, oh, running shoes, how I missed you! First run in 4wks (3wks, 3 days post gallbladder surgery) and first time to use my bday present, me and my Garmin watch are going to be best buds! Good to be back, thank you Jesus for giving me the ability and the passion to run!

May 16th
Cheesin with Corbs and Hello Fresh
If this doesn't make your Monday better I don't know what will...Corby says CHEESE!!!  

I was super excited to try out Hello Fresh and it was a hit with everyone! Here's to good healthy, convenient, and easy prep meals!

May 17th
My view this morning while talking to Jesus!

May 19th 
Purple Day at School

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