Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 10th Day 3 of Vaca

August 10th
Today was our first day at the beach, it was very short lived however! Charley was acting a like she'd never been to a beach and wasn't interested and Corby was not a fan at all! We stayed maybe 20min and decided just to do the pool again! We pretty much did the same as yesterday, played until lunch, ate a quick snacky lunch poolside, played a little longer and then headed to the room for nap time. Mallie took the kids to grab a few things at the store and a Frappuccino from Starbucks, yes they have a Starbucks and in walking distance! We hung in the room until dinner time.
We had heard great things about a restaurant called Pipi's from some good friends back home and since getting into town every local as told us about it as well, so we decided to check it out. It is in Puerto Vallarta which is about 15-20min away.  So glad we went, the guacamole was super yummy and the ambience was so fun, they had a mariachi band that sang Johnny Cash Ring of Fire at the table, Corby loved it!  You can only imagine the conversation, jokes, laughs amongst Ryan and the kids about the restaurants name.
After dinner we walked down to the pier downtown to watch the sunset and then headed back to the hotel! So, Ryan even though he will claim he doesn't, speaks what I would consider fluent Spanish, something he taught himself from years of working at Rainbow Playsystems (that I mentioned in my last post), so he enjoys speaking to the locals. He started talking to our taxi driver on the way home and boy did we learn a lot. He was so friendly and told us lots of history of the towns, places to eat, about the zoo on the resorts property and more! We really enjoyed him!

 This was as close as Corby wanted to get to the water

 Charley finally decided searching for sea shells was cool!

 Ryan, Mallie and the kids played a little basketball

Walking back from their Starbucks visit
Corby loved not sitting in a carseat, mama not so much

 The outside of the restaurant

Corbs was a fan of the guacamole

Fried ice cream

 Love these kids!

 You'll see below what these crazies did

 He loves just to run

 My heart

 He took the straw from Pipi's and I kept having to yell at him to take it out

 Our handsome boy
 Our beautiful girl

 Trying to get this kid to be still for a picture is a joke
 Views of downtown

Charley, Mallie, and Brady

Our taxi driver on the left, the conversation as already started
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