Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hilary Happenings and Huge Find

Friday 29th
It's Made to Praise Time...
For months our women's ministry team  has been praying and planning for this retreat and its finally here. Jenn, my bff and our fearless leader started reading 30 Day Praise Challenge (which I had mentioned I was reading in a previous post) several months ago and from that and talking with Jesus decided it would be a praise retreat. We came up with the name, Made to Praise and thought Psalm 150 was a perfect passage. During my quiet time this morning before heading to set up for the retreat I thought I would read and pray over Psalm 150 and when I opened up my Bible underneath in the open space were notes I took from out last Women's Retreat, which didn't pertain to the Psalm passage just happened to be a good note taking spot, coincidence you think, NOT AT ALL, He knew 2yrs ago this was the very passage we would use, gave me chills. 
The retreat was AMAZING, a weekend full of praising God for everything He is and all He does for us!
 Before set up, Corby had his 2yr check up, which he was not happy about...

 Weighing in at 30lbs

 Thought this was a handy little safety guideline...

 Luckily no shots and after a sucker he was all good!

 So so thrilled at how cute our fabric banner and string art turned out.
 We, 5 ladies moved all of these couches our selves, including some from upstairs we were exhausted

 Behind every craft are usually messy hands, these are mine

 Jenn did an amazing job designing out shirts

 Close up!

Saturday 30th
 More Made to Praise Retreat...
Thought a little journaling over our passage was appropriate this morning.

 Because you can't just have 1 color

 We played fun games, even got Pastor Craig's mom to be blindfolded.
 After the game we had characteristics of God all around us

 Our team being silly
 Our Team
 Because I'm in love with this and the guitar just made it even more cute
 All the ladies

Such an amazing weekend...
Ryan had the kids all weekend by himself and they had a blast.
 He wore them out for sure!
Friday night this is what I cam home too, guess that's one way to get the tree down, lol.
Corby got this car from my parents for Christmas as a Chrismtas/Bday present and Ryan finally tackled putting it together today. Corbs might need a little practice.
Sunday 31st
We went to church, napped, and practiced driving.

Today is Preview Day for the 1st Release of Matilda Jane's Happy and Free...
Some Stuff for the Mama's

 Some stuff for the girls...

For the Tweens...

And for the Babies...

 How to place an order...

  Some things to know...

 While picking up groceries yesterday at Super Target, this sign caught my eye so I had to share...
I tried on 3 different kinds and loved them all, but settled on these two. 
Next up, Mid Rise Skinny Jean
What I loved about these was the wash and large white stitching.
So two pairs of jeans for a little over $45!

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