Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jan. 27-230th Corby's 2wk Check Up & Hilary Everyday

Day 27: 
Determined and hopeful that this or my oil coming tomorrow is going to increase my milk supply.

Day 28: 
Check out the NoseFrida, never thought I would personally be suck snot out of my son's nose, never say never!

Corby's 2wk check up
He now weighs 8.6lbs and has grown an inch! Charley was thrilled to play doctor!

Day 29:
Perks of having a big sister! I told Charley I had to take a shower and she told me she'd "watch"  Corby for me. She grabbed her stool and book and followed me to the bathroom so she could "read" to him!

 He is so much more alert and awake more these days! Last night he ate at 10pm and didn't wake up until 6am this morning, yippee!!!

Yep this just happened! Bring on the milk! First time to do acupuncture and surprisingly it didn't hurt a bit and yes I even had them in my boobies :)! Please ignore my tummy, remember I just had a baby! 

I want so badly to be that mom that can produce enough milk to provide everything my baby needs, but for some reason I can't. I lasted 6 months with Brady and 5 months with Charley and that was with never producing more than 2oz and having to supplement from the very beginning, pumping in between feedings, drinking more water than I thought possible, trying all natural supplements and even reglan this go around that I didn't last 2 days on b/c it jacked me up so bad! Quitting is so tempting but makes me feel so guilty every time I think about it, ugh!!! I have been praying I wouldn't stress over this and would be at peace not matter what. I have decided that if I do everything I know to help my supply and it doesn't work that It will help me feel better about quitting. Unfortunately, nursing,  giving a bottle, and pumping this mama of 3 doesn't have time for!  

Actually this one right in my pinky hurt a little!

Day 30:
Can't get over how perfect this lil man is

She can't get enough of him either!

Another great night, ate at 11pm last night and went until 6:50am this morning! So refreshing, thank you sweet boy!

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  1. It's fun to see an update. You are one dedicated mom to do all that for your baby! And we love those frog pj's! Thanks for sharing with us!