Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jan. 12th Happy Birthday Corby Reed

We came into the hospital last night to help me get ready for my induction today, for a recap of what's happened so far click here .

7:19am- Checked me and was at a 2-3, Corby's heart rate is still not fluctuating like they would like so I'm back on my right side and keeping an eye on him before they decide to give me pitocin.

8:25am- Started pitocin and for anyone that's never gotten pitocin before man does it make things happen hard and fast! It was almost immediate that my contraction started coming on super strong and back to back. I always try to go as long as I can before doing epidural and I would say I have a pretty high pain tolerance but it didn't take me long to decide I couldn't do it much longer. I was proud of myself b/c I don't think I've ever made it to a 5 before!

8:41am- Broke my water @ a 5, Just a crazy feeling can't even begin to describe was it feels like to have water gushing out of you, lol!

9:45am- Epidural, nothing like have super strong, painful griping, bring on the tears contractions while you're being told to be still and don't move while someone it trying to poke your spine with a needle. 

10:00am- @ a 6 Almost immediately I start to feel no pain and just in time for the kids to come in and see me!

Nurse checked me one more time and asked me what do you think you're at and I said a 9 and I was right and he's head was right there so they started immediately prepping for delivery!!
3 pushes (for each big push I pushed 3x for 10sec) later he was here at 11:17am!

I've never cried so much seeing my baby for the first time! I just was overflowing with joy and thankfulness! Just to see God's faithfulness play at! I prayed for this baby for 2yrs, thinking at one point it wasn't going to happen but God proved through once again His plan and timing are perfect! Just to know this will be the very last time I will experience this! Just to see my little family complete and feeling instant contentment, which I had prayed for so long, it was just so overwhelming! I always laugh and make fun of people on TV for being ugly criers and boy do I regret making fun b/c now I've been captured as an ugly crier, lol (you'll see picture below)!

The kids getting to see me right before Corby arrived! Charley wasn't real sure about everything, its weird seeing your mama all hooked up to machines!

Mandi was in charge of taking pics, including waiting room pics
My boys in the room waiting for Mr. Corby
My precious mama and me!

Ryan and his mama!
Booga (Ryan's dad) and the kids waiting in the waiting room
Brady and Popi (my dad)
Both Charley's
Getting ready to push
Not sure what he's doing here but this was he's spot, in a chair at my head so he didn't see anything that would cause him to faint b/c yes that was a concern, he saw way too much with Charley and has been ruined for life he says! So the doctor insisted he sit right here so we didn't have to stop my labor again (like with Charley) to give him a sucker and seat so he wouldn't faint, lol)

My mother in law, yes, I let my mother in law in the delivery room, she was also with me during Charley's birth! We have a great relationship but my thinking too is that if I'm kind to my mother-in-law and allow her to experience things like this with me, (b/c you know girls we tend to run to our moms and or parents first for everything) that my future daughter-in-laws might as well! When you become a boy mom you start appreciating your mother in laws even more!
Also in the room was my mom, she's been with me with all three, and my sister Mandi joined us too!
 Ryan watching TV I guess, doing whatever he can to not think about what's fixin to happen
Pushing and don't worry I didn't put any inappropriate pictures, this is the most you will see

Welcome to the world Corby Reed Boozer

Ok, here's my ugly cry face, man, I can't even believe I'm posted it, lol, its so bad!

Classic- the mom's trying to figure out the video camera, lol

7lbs 12oz
Guess they round up

He immediately stuck his fingers in his mouth
Excited that Corby is here!

Big Sister coming in to see baby brother for the first time
Big Brother ready to see Corby!

Ryan holds him for the first time!

Family of 5

Aunt Stephanie gets to see him!
See couldn't get enough of him!

Big Brother kisses

He's so perfect!

Big brother gets to hold him!
My boys, love this pic!

Big sisters turn

Popi and Booga checking him out!

The best dads and grandads

Mimi's turn



Texting everyone to let him know he is here!

Proud dad
Aunt Tanya comes to see him!
Aunt Mandi
Aunt Stephanie
Aunt Tanya
Can't get enough!

 First diaper change

Cousin Kendra and Uncle Matt
My friend Hillary and her kiddos Mallary and Aaron

My friend Olivia and her daughter Presley
Cousin Kaylee
Uncle Matt
Cousin Chase and Uncle Matt
Kari and her crew along with the Towery's came to visit too

My Uncle Shoo Shoo and Lizzie, Karson, and Cooper

Shoo Shoo's turn, love this man and he sure loves baere to babies! Wish Drusilla could be here to meet him!
Brooklyn loved looking at him!

Aunt Karen
Maegan, my former student and now best baby sitter in the world
Cousin Mari wasn't real sure about holding him
Phoebe was sick so she had to keep her distance
Uncle Chris
 First Bath

Ryan and his boy
The Smiths came to see him too, Kara and Landry
Tim, Hayden (3months), Ryan, and Corby, best buds
Ms Katie
April and Shane came with their 3 kids
 Maverick wanted to take a peek

 After getting a bite to eat these two came back to visit

My boys watching TV while I take a quick shower and we getting ready for bed!
Day 12: He is so loved!!!
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  1. So exciting! You have the day documented perfectly. Corby is adorable. Congratulations!