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Jan. 13th Home Sweet Home

My hospital rules have changed since I had Charley, they now have taken on the Mother and Baby bonding so the babies never go to the nursery, everything is done in your room, minus screening and circumsion of course. This means baby is with you all night, now with Brady I was a little hesistate to send him to the nursery (of course they would bring him in when it was time to eat) but some wise people said take advantage of the help and sleep so we did! Charley I didn't hesistate one second! So this go around was a little different, I understand the need to bond but I personally think sending mommys home as rested and sane as possible is much more important! The night wasn't too bad, Corby spent the night in the arms, and between that, Ryan tossing and turning complaining about how uncomfortable he was and the nurses coming in every hr or so to do vitals, I slept a lot NOT! But it was all worth it! So all that to say we were eager to get home as soon as possible, if you're not going to sleep well better to be in your own bed!
Our first visitor this morning was my BFF Jenn and her girls Lizzie and Brooklyn who got to come by yesterday with their dad and brothers. She was supposed to fly in last night from being at market but her flight was delayed so she had to wait until today, she was dying she couldn't be there yesterday!   
Big Brother ready for school! My mom sent this picture to me!

 One perk of doing everything in the room with mommy was we got to see them do the earing test for the first time! He Passed!

 Time to get dressed!

 My handsome boy!

Here are the hospital pics, they've come along way right?

My favorite!
 Mimi was a second visitor!

 Finally getting to go home! My legs were so swollen more so then I remember with the others, guess from all the fluid I don't know but I almost had to go home pantless b/c my jeans were so tight, lol

 And glad I brought my flip flops b/c my feet were equally as swollen

 Going in our carseat

 Charley spent the night with Nani last night and Nani took her to school this morning. we decided to pick her up on the way home, she was so excited to see us but more excited to see her baby brother!

 Jenn picked up Brady from school for us so we went by her house to get him!
 We're home! (Ignore my Halloween mat, lol, at least its in the garge)

 We came home to this sign and blue ribbons on the trees, thanks to Jenn

 Mom of 3!

 Ryan's Aunt Cynthia, Uncle Jason, and cousin Jordan came over to see him!

 Getting ready for night time!
 Charley got a bath and had to hold him before going to bed!
Good Night, let's see go this goes!

Day 13: Headed Home
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