Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jan. 11th Day 11: Last Day As a Mama of 2

Today will be the last day I will be a mama of 2 and we will be a family of 4! On our last day of family of 4 mama had some cleaning to do, we had some errands to run and decided to grab a bite to eat for lunch. After a late lunch we went home and did last minute stuff before we had to head to the hospital at 7.
We got the kids dropped off at my folks just before 7 and then hurried over to the hospital! We got settled in and it wasn't until probably 9:25 (at a 2 and 50% effaced) that they gave me my first pill to help soften my cervix. Ryan ran to get us a late dinner from Taco Cabano and some how snuck out of there with a margarita that yes of course he brought into the hospital room, lol, only Ryan Boozer! I told Ryan ahead of time that he could sleep at my folks with the kids, they only live 5min from the hospital and I was hoping if I gave him this night that he would change his mind and stay with me tomorrow night after the baby gets here! So Ryan left about 10:30 and about that time I started having contractions within minutes apart, not strong ones but they were super close together. I was supposed to get another pill at 12:30, but b/c of my contractions being so close together Corby was having a hard time recovering in between and for some reason he didn't like me on my back. 1:45-The nurse decided to call my doctor to see what she wanted to do about the next dose and she decided that giving me more medicine probably wasn't a good idea until we knew he was okay. Instead they gave me medicine to slow down contractions. I ended up spending the entire night stuck on my right side with oxygen on, so needless to say I didn't get a wink of sleep. Come to find out babies heart rates are supposed to go up and down and not be steady and Corby's was steady, they said if we couldn't get him comfortable and he's heart rate where it needed it might result in a c-section, which scared me of course. I decided not to text or call Ryan until I knew more and about 5:00am he text me and asked me how I was and headed up to be with me within minutes. It seemed as long as I stayed on my right side Corby was just fine!
 Last pic as a mom of 2, not the best pic of me but my kids are cute
 Ryan and the kids
 Ok this is actually the last picture of me as a mom of 2

 My BFF Jenn let me borrow her gown, although I only put it on for a picture! Last prego picture!

 Just chillin
 Ryan's Taco Cabano Margarita cup inside another cup to hide it
 My mom sent me this picture of the kids telling me good night so I sent them this pic...
 Giving them sugars and then they sent this back...

 Love them so much and can't wait to see them with their baby brother!
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