Saturday, August 1, 2015

June 5th-June 10th National Donut Day, Let Summer Begin

June 5th
Happy National Donut Day!
Day 156: 
Toys R Us Treat Trip, to spend her gift card she received from her hello kitty car!
 She is all about Barbie in Princess Power!
 Brady got a treat too b/c of the precious letter he received from his teacher that I posted about my last post.
We decided to meet Ryan for dinner tonight at the new Chuy's in Southlake, we waited for an hour to be seated, so the kids had to find ways to entertain themselves. 

June 6th
Day 157:   
Just some Driving 101 for all you newbie drivers out there, not that you should take advice from me 

June 7th 
Day 158: 
Hanging on the lake! 

Brady Surfing with Ryan
Brady flipping


June 8th 
Today starts our first real day of which means shuffling kids to and fro. Brady starts VBS today and Charley, Corby and I have swim lessons.  

 Day 159: 
Let the Summer Shuttle Shuffling begin-Charley's first day of swim lessons!

 I mean how cute right? He enjoyed the water until they started making him go under water and swim to strangers.
I love to cook but baking is not my thing but I'm trying. I let the kids decide what kind of desert they wanted to make for fun tonight, Brady chose chocolate chip cookies and Charley chose brownies.
June 9th
Day 160:  
Celebrating Jesus and the Frogs today! Another win for TCU baseball team! 
 and day two of swimming lessons

June 10th

 Somebody was tired!

 I asked Ryan if he would mind if I went for a run and at the time he was working on cleaning the inside of the boat and the kids were helping him. When i go back this is what I came home too and Ryan was still working in the boat, lol! They were having so much fun and were soaked to the core!

 Day 161:
 I went out for a run leaving the kids outside with Ryan while they "worked" inside the boat. I came home to this, two soaking wet kiddos playing in the water, Ryan still working in the boat! The bright side no bath needed tonight

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