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August 8th-Leavin' on a jet plane

August 8th
Today is the day!!!! We are finally heading on vaca but first to my niece Mari's 10th birthday party! I can not believe she is in double digits, so crazy! Happy Birthday Mari, we sure love you!
I'll be honest, it doesn't matter how early I start packing to prepare for a trip, I am always super stressed out, running around like a chicken with my head cut off and a nervous wreck who probably isn't the most pleasant or nicest person to be around. It takes a village to plan and pack for yourself, the kids, and usually the hubs too, and as much as I love Ryan this is not a department he usually offers his assistance. So I just become a crazy person trying to make sure everything we need is accounted for, so as much as I was grateful we were going to be able to attend the party it added a tee bit more stress to the day, but she is totally worth it!

Mari, Brady, Phoebe, and Charley
Phoebe, Char and Popi
Mimi was so sweet, she got in with Corbs for me so I didn't have to get wet and add showering/fixing my hair on my list of things to do

Great minds think alike-Big Black Sunglasses rock! I love my sisters!

Here we go...
Somehow we got ourselves out the door and to the airport on time and in plenty of time for our flight, in fact once we got there we were able to have a sit down late lunch and still catch the sky tram to another terminal b/c they switched our departure gate and we didn't realize it until we got to the gate.

We held off Corby's name until our flight which was at 5:15, so poor guy was exhausted!

But man, did he love the airplane! He wanted his daddy the entire time and wanted to look at the window! About 30min in I finally convinced him to come see me and he passed out for a little over an hour!
Day 220:
Leaving on a jet plane

We arrived in Mexico about 7:50 and to our hotel in Nuevo Vallarta close to 9. Once we got checked in Ryan ran to the store grabbed us some snacks and brought them back to our room. We had a snack, watched a little TV and then crashed. Can't wait to actually see the hotel and beach tomorrow!
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