Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 9th-First Full Day of Vaca

August 9th
We must of been exhausted, Corbs started stirring and I rolled over and saw that the clock said 8:45, so before any more of the day got away from us, we woke the big kids up and got ready and headed to breakfast.
We decided today would just be a pool day and we would save the beach for tomorrow when Ms. Mallie would be with us. Somehow I convinced Ryan to let us bring a sitter along so that we might actually get a little vacation ourselves. She gets in tonight and the kids can't wait!
We literally slid down the crocodile slide over and over and over again for hours! Charley was very skeptical at first but soon was a sliding machine! Corbs slid down twice, once with me and once with Ryan and that was enough for him! The pool was perfect for him, it has a very large area of shallow water where he can just run and play, still enough water to scare us to death b/c he is fearless and thinks he can swim! We grabbed some appetizers to eat at the pool and swam a little longer and then about 2 headed upstairs for Corby's nap.
After a couple of hours in the room, we showered, got ready and made a trip to the store and mall area to buy sunglasses and goggles and then grabbed some dinner back at the hotel! Charley asked probably every 30min how close Mallie was! Once it was time, I sent Ryan and the big kids to airport to pick her up!

Day 222:
Hangin' at the pool-Crocdile Slide on Repeat

 I had the hardest time trying to get a pic of Charley, she came down way too fast!
You could hear Charley sliding down from a mile away, lol
Corbs in his happy place!

 The Beach Bum has a rough life!

My sweet boys
 We have learned from our other trips, to wake up early and save seats!
The view of the slides
 Charley really likes hanging out on the balcony!

 from pics of our balcony view!

 The kids sportin their new shades!
 I love how the humidity is curling Corby's hair, he loves the rice!

 Charley was a big fan of the ribs!
 There is a Rainbow Playsystem on the beach. Ryan started working for this company when he was 15 and worked his way up the ladder and was hired out of college to work full time and worked for them up until 7yrs ago when he started commercial real estate! Corbs and I played while Ryan and big kids headed to airport to get Mallie!

 Corbs and I waiting on the balcony for them to arrive! I told him to cheese and he did! We sent it to Mallie and then she sent the picture below to me!

 Once Mallie got here we got her settled and then went to get fro yo!

Can't wait to have a full day with Mallie tomorrow!
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