Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Breakin

Sunday Funday
 So Ryan and I had no idea it was spring forward time, thankful we were awoken by our alarm in the middle of the night so we could see that my phone had changed times or we wouldn't have made it to church. 
A day filled with church, lunch, naps, batting cages, Bahama Bucks, popcorn, and movie night! 

 I may not love the idea that Brady is 9 but I love that He has come to love the #9 as much as he's daddy, (If you are a lover of baseball and have seen the movie the Natural, this is where Ryan's love for the number came from). I also love that it is always such an easy number to find on clothes! This year I guess it will just have more of a special meaning!  
Of course we had to wear a 9 shirt to church the day after is bday and of course Corby had to have a matching one.

Their love for each other, lol.
For real though, no this picture doesn't show much love but its real life and what our life normally looks like and though they fight like this a lot they really do love each other! I very thankful they have each other, God could not have done it more right, Charley girl sandwiched in between 2 brothers! I don't think she'll need much help protecting herself, she's pretty fierce but its not to know she's got them behind her!
We took a trip to Bahama Bucks for before heading back home for movie and popcorn.

And we might have had Bahama Bucks and popcorn for dinner, but hey, it is Spring Break!
We normally watch movies in our movie room, but some little guy a few weeks ago broke our Big TV that was in there and we haven't quite figured out what to do, get a do one or go the projector route? 

 Marvelous Monday
 My 2nd week of 4:30am workouts, though its been a beating to drag myself out of bed, it is allowing me some extra time afterward to spend more time with Jesus, which means more bible journaling. 

First thing on the list today, the tailor to get Brady's baseball pants altered. I sometimes wonder what people think or say when I leave their store with 3 kids, lol.


After the tailor we went to paint pottery.

Corby kept saying, "paint, paint, paint." I had to coach him for the video b/c of course they don't perform on command.

Brady decided to paint a teacher mug for Mrs. Seifried.

Lunch at Sonic and outside b/c it's such a pretty day!

After nap time I told Brady we could go to Academy and Target to spend his gift cards and what's a trip to Target without a treat?!

The kids are drinking Vanilla Bean Frappuccino which has no caffeine if you are wondering. 

Terrific Tuesday
 I have been a huge believer in making sure my kids know how to tie their shoes before they go to kindergarten since being a elementary pe teacher for many years and tying more laces than I ever dream. I started working with Charley this summer but she wasn't real interested. In need of some new tennis shoes I thought this was a perfect time to give it another shot. I found her some super cute tennis shoes and showed them to her and basically teasing her with them because then I told her she couldn't have them until she learned to tie them, so mean right???!! But hey, it worked, not a few days later she had it down and I have to give credit to Ryan, he has actually taught both the kids how to tie their shoes. 
So today, Charley got her shoes!!!

 Brady had to get new shoes too, I can not keep up with these two fast growing large feet!

One of Brady's bday presents came in yesterday and it is the coolest ever!
Brady asked for a fitbit and I was a little hesitate to spend that much money especially when he isn't very responsible. After doing some research I found the UNICEF Kid Power Band. So it acts just like a fitbit, it counts your steps and it's a clock. The best part besides it just being $39.99, it motivates kids to get active and for a good cause. You go on missions and after getting a certain amount of steps each day you receive power points, after getting a certain of power points you unlock food packets for children around the world, how great is that, Brady is getting active, being healthy, learning about different cultures and the struggles they face and help feed starving children!
Charley has asked for one her bday and part of me wants one too, I just love everything about it and don't know why more people don't know about it!
We did find out after that there is a $3.99 charge for each mission after the first one, but to me that is a totally doable cost for what it is for!
From their websites..
UNICEF Kid Power gives you the power to save lives. By getting active with the UNICEF Kid Power Band, you can go on missions, earn points and unlock therapeutic food packets for severely malnourished children around the world.
Brady's account linked to the app on my phone. In just a week and a few days, he has finished 62% of his mission and already unlocked 6 Ruff packets.

 We got to meet our cousin Drew named after his great grandmother and my aunt Drusilla who lost her battle to cancer several years ago. She was by far one of the most Godly, loving, caring, genuine, and most precious person on earth! She was more than an aunt to me, more like the grandmother, being 13yrs older than my mother, she meant the world to me and of course to her family. Though I know she is pain free and singing and playing music in heaven with Jesus it does breaks my heart to know my kids and her great grand kids won't know her like I did but they will know who she is and she her life will live on through Drew. Thankful for her life, her heart, her love and more importantly for being the best example to my mama, showing her how to be a Godly women, wife, and mama b/c I mama is just like her, the best ever!!!

 Cheesin' at McAlister's

When you have a little brother who still naps even on Spring Break, who have to have some fun crafts to do on Spring Break!

 Brady's was by far the coolest. The things you can do these days!

Wonderful Wednesday
As hard as it his to drag myself out of bed, there is no better way to begin my day than getting filled up by Him!! Jesus did it and isn't He who I strive to be like everyday???!!!
"And rising early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to resolute place, and there he prayed." Mark 1:35

 We conquered the Perot Museum with cousins and then to the food trucks to eat lunch with daddy!

Future weather people

 Love these kids, so glad we got to spend the day with them!
Terrific Thursday
Time change/spring break = Kids sleeping in = More time with Jesus = 3 Bible Journalings in a week!!!! My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE verse of all time and I've been waiting for just the right picture to pop in my head and I think I nailed it!!! Thanks Mardel for the inspiration piece!!!

 Happy St. Patrick's Day & Belated Bday
I took Brady and 6 of his friends out for a day of fun for a belated bday celebration!
We started the morning off with Krispy Kreme then laser tag, bowling, and games at Main Event, pizza at Cici's, and then back to the house for some football. 

 My nephew Chase, 16yrs old, met up with me to help wrangle all the boys!

 Chase won big, he hit the jackpot and won 3,000 tickets!

While the boys and I were playing, Corby was home with Miss Meaggy and Charley was with her sweet friend Berkley. 
The girls went shopping, got matching outfits and pinkie dolls, had lunch and ice cream, and then got their nails done.

After all the boys got picked up we traded kids, Berkley's big bro, just a week older than Brady, asked Brady to come spend the night so we got Berkley for the night!
We had fun at the park and girls night at Chili's.

 Fabulous Friday
 More matching today as well as a trip to the candy store, crafts and more!

 Our first time to visit the most fun candy store in Roanoke called Hey, Sugar!

 Corby was in candy heaven

 We had lunch at Twisted Root and the Western Burger was to die for!

Okay these plush craft pillows ware the BOMB!!!
We ran into some girls that had them at gymnastics one day and I immediately went home to find them on amazon. The girls loved them!

We have had a big surprise for the boys for months now and we were finally getting to tell them tonight! 
They are both huge Steph Curry fans so we thought it would be fun to surprise them with tickets, what made it even better was that a friend/client of Ryan's gave us the tickets, I know right, too cool! 
We had told the boys we were just going to dinner and little stinkers when they got back to our house all the wanted to do was stay there with the sitter to play, we promised them they would be sorry if they didn't come with us. 
We got to dinner and let them open their presents, first a Steph Curry hat and shirt, they thought they were cool but had no idea what it meant so then we gave them the tickets, oh the look on their faces were priceless!!!! 

Such a fun night with the Smiths!

These boys had a blast but were wiped out!

Super Saturday & Sunday
We didn't do much Sat. & Sunday, besides recoup from a fun filled spring break!
I did take Charley and Corby to the store and let him get his own cart for the first time ever and it was adorable and a little stressful he was all over the place, lol.


The boys matched again Sunday for church. 
Could they be any cuter???!!! The vest was Brady's touch, he went to his room to get his shoes and jeans and came out with these and said, "mom, we could wear these too!"

And nap time with this cutie, after he talked for almost an hour in his bed I decided I might need to lay down with him, as you can see by my sleepy eyes, I fell asleep too!
Moments like this never get old.
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