Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Birthday Brady

I say it every year with every kid...I can not believe another year has passed and Brady is 9!!!

My very first blog post on our original blog was the day we found out you were a boy, I can not express to the excitement and joy your daddy and I felt. 
You surprised us all by coming 3wks early, the first day of Spring Break which was supposed to be a week of getting a lot done to prepare for you but you had other plans. Yes, we were super excited but being new parents we were scared to death. Ready or not you came and our changed our lives forever for the better!
The moment we held you our eyes were full of tears and our hearts were pounding out of our chest with joy! We couldn't believe we finally got our baby! 
You're birthday was one of the happiest days of our lives! Our once broken hearts, after the miscarrying and then months of trying again had been put back together again by you! 
Our love for you is explainable! You bring us so much joy! You're huge sensitive heart, loving, caring, tender ways are amazing! 

You love hard, you put your whole heart into everything you whether its playing sports, homework, or just life! Though you have a sensitive side you are super competitive, I can not imagine why :). Most of the time a great quality, but sometimes it can get the best of you but I know it's just b/c of the sentence above, you give your all and do your best and expect to be the best but not in a cocky way.

Your smile is contagious and you shine so brightly wherever you go! You are a natural leader and have a personality that draws others to you and I pray God can use this quality in you in marvelous ways! 

You have taught us so much over the last 9yrs. You have taught us how to love unconditional, how to provide, parent, discipline and much much more! We love you so much and look forward to seeing the you grow into the man God created you to be!

Happy 9th Birthday to you, our Brady Boozer!

A little walk down memory lane...

First Birthday

 2nd Birthday
 3rd Birthday

 4th Birthday
 5th Birthday
Sadly 5th and 6th didn't get blogged but I am determined to catch up on my old blog, so it will happen soon. I'd say missing 2 out of 8 isn't so bad.
 6th Birthday
 7th Birthday
 8th Birthday


I either have pictures taken of the kids each year for their bday or take a few myself. This year I just snapped a few of Brady myself. I decided taking a few in the same outfit he wore for Christmas pics was a great idea that way if I frame any they'll would match. Although our photographer got an amazing pic of him so not sure I could hang anything next to it, lol.  Of course I also had to find a cool 9 shirt as well!

This is the one from Christmas...LOVE!!!

Let's back up to last night for a minute.
So I made a cake yesterday and if I can say so, a pretty cute one at that! Though this may not seem like a big deal to most it is for me b/c I don't bake, like this is my first cake to make ever so I had to document it! I'd prefer to eat anything greasy or fried over sweet any day so that might be reason one why I've never been very interested in baking. Second, I tried baking a little at our old house and after several failed attempts at it, either over cooking or under cooking, I gave up. Come to find out months later my heating element was out, so technically my failures weren't all my fault.

I actually love to cook and I'd say I'm a pretty decent cook so I'm not a complete failure in the kitchen. In saying that I decided a couple of years ago that if I could cook I should be able to bake, although I feel like they are totally different things. Also hacing kids, baking is such a fun thing to do together with that ends with a bonus, yummy treat just another reason to start. So, for Charley's bday a couple of years ago I made some cupcakes that turned out really cute and good, I did have a little help from m bestie. Then here and there some brownies and cookies with the kids, I even made that same bestie I mentioned above some copy cat American Cookie double doozie cookies that were the bomb. Poor Brady has taken after me and isn't much of a cake guy so its always hard to know what to do for him for his bday. It took me years of spending lots of $ on cakes and cupcakes for me to figure it out. So I knew that I wasn't going to spend $ for someone else to make one but I wanted him to have a cake and we were having people over for dinner to celebrate. When I found this cake on Pinterest, link below, I thought to myself why not and to my surprise it turned out great!!!

 So thankful for my adorable sous chief who helped put on more than 1/2 of the orange Reese's pieces or I might still be putting them on!

So I thought I messed up from the very beginning when I read the cake box instructions and it said it was supposed to make two round cakes and I had only bought one 12 x 2. I crossed my fingers and prayed it would work and it did, thank you Lord!
After baking it and letting it cool, we adding a layer of orange frosting. I know they make orange frosting but my store didn't have any so I had to add food coloring.

Next we added the brown Reese's Pieces.
Then we started added the orange, btw, it took two full bags. 
Corby helped put a few on too!
And the finished product!!!!

I found this black and white tray and thought it looked like a referee shirt and decided it would be a perfect cake stand.

Last night as an 8yr old!

Birthday Celebrations...
Woke up to balloons and singing!

 Birthday Breakfast
He requested bacon and eggs, the pigs in the blanket and donuts were just bonus!
 Corby loved the balloons!

Birthday Lunch 
Chick fil a and then to the movies to see Zootopia, which was so cute!!

 Today instead of just taking his socks and shoes off in the car he thought he's socks would make great sock puppets, lol.
 This was Corby's 2nd movie, the first one, Home, was a disaster! I took them by myself and was sorry I did!
We went today during nap time thinking he's fall asleep but he stayed up the entire time and was actually really good!

Birthday Ballin
After the movie we went back to the house and played a little bball and started getting dinner ready for the fam.

 He got some new shades for baseball and lots of of athletic gear including some of his favorite players KD and Steph Curry stuff!

And lots of $$$$

Birthday Dinner
Brady requested steaks, green beans, baked potatoes, and cucumber salad for dinner. We invited some family over to celebrate with us. Nani, Mimi and Popi, his great grandparents Mick and Mother, Shoo Shoo his great uncle, more like a grandfather, we love him to pieces, Aunt Mandi & Uncle Chris, Mari, Phoebe, Aunt Tanya, Kendra and Chase got to come. I will admit deciding not to have kid bday parties anymore was very hard, I LOVE everything about parties but after tonight I realized this was all he needed, being surrounded by his family that love him so much, he enjoyed it and had a ball! 

We will take a few friends out during Spring Break to do something fun! 

We sure love you Brady!!! We loved celebrating you today and hope you had just as much fun being celebrated!!!

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