Friday, March 4, 2016

Hilary Happenings, 23yrs, Race, MJ & Friday Favorites

The Feb. 24th
 What a fun few days in Vegas but we are ready to go home and see our babies! 
I am normally a plane sleeper but I had to crammed in my last 2 days of my Bible Study before church tonight and I just got my In The Waiting in and couldn't wait to read it. 

We made it home to our babies!!!

Feb. 25th
Happy 23yrs to Us, 
but first some bible journaling, another running one since my race is just a few days away!!!! Here was the one from the other day if you missed it, Hebrews 1.2:1-2
 If you didn't know all ready Ryan and I are junior high sweethearts, hehe, I know cute right??!!! 23yrs ago he wrote me a note and gave it to a friend to give to me, it was basically like a check yes or no note, I really need to dig it up, I have it somewhere. I sent a YES sticker back and the rest is history!!!
I had actually had my eye on him for a month or so (we both actually had significant others, if that's what you even call them in junior high) before he even knew who I was, funny since he was a year younger than me. I first saw him in a FCA meeting, he came in late and on crutches from a football injury and that's when my obsession with him started. It wasn't until a Christmas progressive dinner that we first spoke or got within close proximity. My mom allowed my sister to come pick us up from one house and drive us to another and in true obnoxious sister fashion she hollered at him to get in our car. I thought I was going to DIE!!!! She yelled "Ryan Boozer" at the top of her lungs and waving her towards our car, "Come ride with us," she screamed! Of course as he makes his way to the car everyone moves places so the only seat free was right by me in the back, again I though I was going to DIE, thank the Lord I didn't.
We'd pass each other in the hallway and smile, would smile and say hello. I prayed he would ask me out before the Valentine's dance so we could go together but he made me wait a few more weeks.
Our relationship is far from perfect! We fight like an old married couple and bicker like no ones business but we love even harder. We literally have spent our lives together, we have been together longer than we haven't. I seriously can not imagine my life without him! I am so thankful God decided I could not handle the dating world and allowed Ryan to snatch me, or me snatch him so early in life!


When you find your son comparing his old Bible to his new Bible, it makes my heart melt!

Feb. 26th
Today was a crazy day of running errands from one end of town to the other. We need enough running around Corbs fell asleep in the car!
Love this view
Why do kids think it's so funny to take their socks and shoes off in the car???!!
We ran over to one of my MJ trunk keepers houses to help her tag and get a little peak of the new release b/c Charley and I are getting to do a little photo shoot tomorrow in some new peices. Corby was a big help tagging clothes!
After we were done there we headed to Ft. Worth to pick up my race packet.
Notice there is another Boozer and a Ruan Booze

He insisted on carrying my bag!

Feb. 27th
A day with my girl! Like mentioned earlier we got asked to take some pictures in the new MJ pieces and we had so much fun well besides the fact Charley started not feeling well.

Here's just a pic from my phone of one outfit, more pics coming soon!
After pictures we met up with my mom and the boys and went to go see my nephew in his high school play.

Feb. 28th
Race Day
It's finally here, I can't believe it, my tummy was definitely aware of the current situation, butterflies were flying high!!!

Coming up to the starting line!

 I did it, 13.1, THANK YOU JESUS!!!! 
So my official time was 2:00:54, my run keeper app was a little off and at the finish line technically supposed to be 3.1mi mine said 3.32mi but clocked me at the same time which means according to my time I met my goal of 2hrs or less. I know the race time is the "official" time and .55 sec over isn't really a big deal to most but to me it is, so for that I'll just stick to my time 😉! 
Thank you the the cute blonde girl in the crazy pink socks for being my pace maker the first 2 miles without you even knowing it and the man in the gray and orange shorts that ran with me at mile 2-3! Thank you Lexi from Texas Tech who I met at mile 3 and ran with stride for stride for 6miles! Thank you again for the man in orange and grey shorts who I past at mile 3 but somehow caught up with me at mile 7 and gave me a verbal encouraging push! 
What I learned from this...
-God is good and there is now way I could of done this without him, running is such a mind game 
-Hills are the DEVIL especially at mile 9, just cruel 
-Stick with a Lexi or find another Lexi the last 1/2 of the race when you feel like you're going to die 
-As crazy as it sounds and as sore as I am, completing another race, first in 9yrs, makes me love running even more #hilaryhappenings2016 #1cbmamamarathontraining #1cbmamalovesrunning #runningmama #loveforrunninggenes @thecowtown #cowtownhalfmarathon

I did it!!!

Perk of running a 13.1 miles is napping with your 2yr old!!! 

March 1st
Happy release day!!!!
I am in love with this release, like every single piece, I'm in trouble!!!!
I mentioned above that Charley and I got to be apart of a photo shoot with my MJ team and photographer Mel Connor, who did an amazing job! She got the pictures to us in record time so we could show them off today! To see the collection go to

So here are a few of my favs...
These two made the Matilda Jane FB, front and center. The one below is actually in the middle of their cover photo.
Trunk Keeper Jackie Smith, TK #852 pictured with me and to see how to order click here.
Check it out below...

Love their contagious smiles!
I loved style the Ginger top!

Charley and I
Love this girl!!

Chrissy totally passed as my own

So this is pretty funny, I got to see the clothes obviously before release day but just a day prior of taking pictures. So I was scrambling to find accessories to match, which was some of the running around Corby and I did yesterday. I had not seen the actual MJ pic on the right until today b/c they don't release these pics to the public until release day and what would you know, the MJ stylists and I were on the exact same page, maybe they should hire me ;).
So somehow my pictures seem to float around in all the MJ social media world and I get tons of questions about my accessories so I decided to do this so people could see where I found all my gems so thought I'd share with you too!

March 2nd
Super Tuesday!!!
 I don't like to get into politics one b/c I don't know enough and two b/c I just don't like confrontations. So just know I voted and I'm praying for our country!!!

I got this super fun shirt from Target, I say this all the time so I thought I had to have it!
It's softball time again! Tonight was the first practice for the Wild Kittens.

March 3rd
 Bill Gates in the House!!! The 3rd grade at Brady's school had a live museum at their open house. The kids were asked to pick an inventor to study and to dress up like the inventor or the thing invented. Brady chose Bill Gates and couldn't stop talking about all he had learned about him, especially that he had become a millionaire by the time he was 30yrs old. He was super excited to for tonight and I thought we did a pretty good job turning into Bill.    

I love reading stuff like this!

 Such a boy, lol

 Dedicated to mom...precious!!!

 And don't be jealous but Bill took me out for Sushi and he assured me he could pay for it b/c he was a billionaire, he didn't but it was sure cute!

Throwing bills, lol

Friday Favorites
Just like every most, Fridays, today, I'm linking up with some fellow bloggers to to share some of my favorite things.
When my kids do Jesus! 
This is the prayer the kids do at school, I d
idn't realize until last week Corby knew it.
Spending time with my kids! 
Although I'd prefer not to turn on a vacuum within the first hour of me being awake to pick up cereal off the ground but I can't imagine not having him to clean up after!

 You can never be to safe with me driving these days I guess, lol. Really he is just obsessed with Brady's helmet and wants to wear it all the time.

 Charley had to stay home today of our allergies have been acting up but especially hers. She was up 1/2 the night last night crying about her ear hurting, poor baby. I took her to doc and of course she has an ear infection.

Make a Face Sticker books, Melissa and Doug have some but this one I found at Walmart, Fashion Diva Sticker Face
Charley just loves them and they make for a great traveling activity or in today's case stuck at home not feeling well.

Since I talked about Matilda Jane earlier, I tell you about my favorite made to match MJ hair accessories. Vanessa Wood from Willa Lou & Tillie Too id who I use for my costume orders. She can really do anything and everything but most of my stuff just happens to be made for our MJ. She is super sweet and talented and her work as made lots of appearances over this last year. She helps make Charley even more beautifully, if that's possible and those special days just a little more special. 


Here is what she did for us for Valentines.

Another one from this summer.
Oh and she made the most beautiful headband for a very special photo shoot we did several months ago. One of my absolute favorite pictures of all time that I will cherish forever and the piece just topped it off perfectly!!! 
 Can't wait to see our Easter and new release bows!!!

Matilda Jane Enticing Eyelet Top, one of my favorite tops to wear right now!

 Some of the Target jeans I shared on a previous post, Mid-Rise Skinny Bootcut.

Because I live in "sweaty clothes" what Charley refers to them as I'm always on the lookout for not just black pants. I posted about these on one of my Vegas posts . I bought them there and they brought me some good luck on my run that day and I decided to wear them for my race, so for the moment they are my favorite. 
I couldn't find this paint splatter print except for in the matching sports bra (which of course I bought too) but the link above is the same type of paint.

Six Flags, NOT REALLY!!!!
OH MY if you know me at all you know this is far from the truth, I actually despise Six Flags and Water Parks but sometimes you just have to sacrifice yourself for the love and fun of your family.
Tonight was Mock Operations night at Six Flags and since my BIL is a park manager we got invited. 
It was actually the perfect time of day, perfect weather, and perfect crowd. 
Let's back up and let me explain why I hate it so bad first. I have a very sensitive tummy, anything that moves basically makes me want to vomit, cars, planes, just going in circles, so rides for sure aren't not my friends. Heat, when I get hot I turn into the wicked witch and then add lots of people and I'm out! I took the kids to Six Flags for the first time this last summer b/c we got in free with my sister and I survived and the kids had a lot of fun so I thought I'd give it a try again.

 I actually rode a ride, the Mini Mine Train and yes I screamed, Kendra, My niece can attest to that.

 Maegan came along to be a riding partner for the kids and to help with Corby. 
This was Charley's first "big" ride and she wasn't too excited to ride it to begin with and came off in tears, but she did it!
 So Brady ran into a goal post Tuesday. We thought he might had broken his toes but luckily it was just a bad jam. I do have a confession, we he first hopped to the car almost in tears after school Tuesday I kinda rolled my eyes and basically told him to suck it up. In my defense he acts like this when it gets a paper cut. 
We had to get him to a teammates house in 15min so they could get him to practice so I could get Charley to her practice, so I didn't even look at it. After learning he didn't participate in practice much and when Ryan got home him asking me if I had even looked at it, I thought it might be a good idea and then the guilt set in. Poor guy really add done something to his toes.
This picture below, excuse he man feet and nasty long toenails that need to be cut, but this was taken Wednesday after going to school and being on it all day. As you can see on the left, not only his big toe and next toe on the left foot swollen and greenish but his entire foot now too, so I decided I take him to the doctor the next day. 
The doctor believed they were just badly jammed and assured us even if it was broken there was nothing we could do, so he saved us the cost of x-rays. We have been nursing, elevating, and icing to try and get him ready for his baseball games this weekend so as much as I wanted to take him to Six Flags I knew walking around on it would not be wise. So anther perk of having a BIL as a manager he requested a wheelchair to be waiting for us and the coolest thing, it just happened to be #9, Ryan and his fav/lucky #.
Side note, I'm super proud of this guy, we went to practice today not knowing if he'd be able to do anything or be able to play tomorrow in his tournament and he totally surprised me, he practiced and practiced well. 
It's hard to teach toughness without feeling like you are being too tough on them. It's especially hard when you have a kid that's a little dramatic, others might look from the outside thinking you're the worst parent ever and sometimes you may feel that way too but you have to push a little to get them to believe they can press through pain. At the same time you don't want to push them too hard, we are still trying to find the balance. Today I got a glimpse of  Brady that made me super proud! Praying his foot holds up and he does well this weekend in the tournament and more importantly that he doesn't further injury himself.

 We took a picture to send to Ryan of the #9
 Charley, Mari, and Brady riding the Yosemite Sams Gold River Adventure ride.
 Corbs and I rode behind the big kids, he feels the same about Six Flags as me.
 You wouldn't know it by their faces but I promise we had fun!

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  1. I just love you guys! You are an awesome mom for me to watch!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention Hilary! �� I love creating for you!