Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jan. 5th-10th Hilary Everyday

Day 5:
Corby's Alphabet Wall complete
I think it turned out better than I could have imagined!

Day 6:
Ebony Boozer
We lost our other precious lab today, Ebony. Lucky, our other lab past almost exactly 8 months ago on May 5th.
Ebony was our first dog, we got in May of 2000, just a couple of months before we got engaged. She and I spent that summer together just the two of us in Abilene while I took summer school. She lived with me and my roomies for awhile once school started and then moved in with Ryan and his roomies. She has been with us for the last 13 years, would have been 14 in May. She was a lab, chow mix, with a unique black tongue (guess that's a chow thing), hence her name. I was teaching pickleball as part of my ACU requirements and one of my students asked if anyone wanted a free dog, she was the only one in her litter and I jumped at it! She was a lover, she loved to be petted and be in the center of attention. She has been with Ryan and I forever and through everything!
She started acting different a couple days ago, not really eating and coughing, like she had a hair ball and she was going to throw up. I put her outside about 11:30 last night b/c she started doing it and I was afraid I'd have to pick up throw up. As the kids and I were headed out to go to my folks house, I decided I'd go check on her and found her laying almost in the exact spot I found Lucky. Our
hearts are heavy, to loose both our dogs so close together, we've never not had a dog. We are so thankful for the time we had with them, they we're such great companions and so good with the kids, they will missed terribly! 

 This is right after we got back from our honeymoon!
 I wish I had an updated pic of her, b/c her chin was completed gray!
 This was the summer right after we found out we had a miscarriage!
 Two years ago we asked our photographer to take pics with the dogs b/c we knew their time was coming to an end, so glad we did that!
 She helped make my day and little happier!
Day 7:
Valentine's Plate. Even though I haven't taken Christmas stuff down, I decided to pull out my Valentine's plate I had made last year!

Corby was going crazy tonight, I love it and will miss seeing a little miracle moving around inside me!

Day 8:
 Brady Boy is Sick, not the best timing, got to get him well before Corby gets here! Flu and Strep tests came back neg so that's an answered prayer!
Day 9:
Induction Set
Day 10:
 I have officially made it to 40weeks and my due date for the first time ever, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, in just a couple of days I will be holding my baby boy! I called the doctor's office Monday and went ahead and asked them to schedule an induction, still hoping the doc would change it to a earlier day but no such luck. Yesterday when I went in for my appt, first thing they handed me was my paperwork for scheduled induction on the 12th and then after checking me they decided it might be best for me to go in Saturday night to help my cervix soften. I'm finally at a good 2, but Corby is super far back and she said my cervix is not as soft as she's like.
Again this will be a first, even though I was induced with Charley, I just went in that morning, so I'm a little anxious but super excited too! Unfortunately, we found out today that Charley has strep and Brady tested positive too, couldn't be any worse timing! Brady woke up Wed. with a fever of 101.8, so I immediately made him a doc appt, both flu and strep tests came back negative so they said just viral infection. He had been feeling back and just had a low grade fever until last night at 6 he's fever went back up to 100.4, so I kept him home again today. Charley had been really snotty today and after waking up from her name was claimy so I decided I'd drop Brady off at football practice, because he seemed to be fine, that I'd run Charley over to the Urgent Care. I assumed I was just being paranoid being a mom who's 40wks prego due to have a baby in 2days, but to my surprise is was strep, so I did what any crazy mom would do and took Brady back after pracitce to get him tested again and again to my surprise he's was positive. So now we pray that after antibotics will kick in fast and they'll be better by Sun when Corby gets here and of course that Ryan and I more importantly will stay heathly!  

Started at week 14 ended at week 40, we did it!
I had to get a pic of this sassy little thing and the last outfit we put together! The shirt is actually a boys shirt from the Gap, I just bought her a pink tank and scarf, which she thought was so fun and it turned out so stinkin cute!
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