Tuesday, July 21, 2015

May 30th-June 4th Crazy Day with the C's, Brady's 2nd Grade Ceremony, Last Day of School

May 30th
Just a day with my Crazy C's!

 Our new climbing spot!

Day 150:
Just me and the C's tonight on a dinner date!

May 31st
Day 141: 
Sappy Sunday-I don't know what it is about this picture but my baby girl doesn't look like a baby at all, insert tear.

June 1st
Day 152:
 Our little graduate was greeted at school with congratulation signs and she received a $25 Toys R Us giftcard for winning 3rd place for most creative car and 1st in her grade level! 

Me and the real graduate, my niece Kendra!!!  

June 2nd 
Brady's 2nd Grade Ceremony

Love this kid!

Day 153: 
2nd Grade Celebration Ceremony! We have been so blessed over the years with the perfect teachers for Brady, so thankful for Mrs. Livingston and of course our Brady Boozer!
Brady and his 2nd Grade Teacher Mrs. Livingston, we just love her!

June 3rd
 Day 154: 
See the world through Corby colored glasses 

June 4th
Last Day of School
So my pictures are horrible b/c I just realized today that yesterday when Corby pulled my camera off the counter he broke it and it is now in the shop, boo!

 Day 155, Part 1: 
Brady's First Day vs. Last Day of School

Day 155, Part 2: 
Charley's First Day vs. Last Day of School

 Charley and Ms. Cheryl her teacher

Brady's End of the Year Swim Party

And this is the sweet letter we received from Brady's teacher. Makes us super proud and happy!

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