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March 12 Brady's 7th Birthday; HilaryEveryday 71

March 12, 2014
It's hard to believe this guy is 7 today! (and even harder to think that since I'm a year behind and trying to play catch up that he will be 8 in just a few days, but bear with me as I write like today is really March 12, 2014). All of your kids are special and you love them all the same but this guy right here is who made me a mama for the first time! He is such a joy! He is sensitive, caring, tender-heated yet competitive. He is not only pretty on the outside and I know one day he'll hate me for calling him pretty but he is pretty on the inside too! He just makes us happy! We decided this year to hold off on his bday party until April so we could take some friends to the Rangers game.

And what a great BIG Brother too!

DAY 71
Happy 7th Birthday to my sweet boy who made me a mama, my greatest gift! You are such a blessing to us, we love you too pieces and gobs!

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