Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jan. 1st-2nd Hilary Everyday & Cupcake Decorating

I was inspired by friend to post a picture everyday on instagram/fb for a year. I figured I probably post almost everyday anyway so why not make a point to do it and keep track, should be fun right? I'm looking forward to it and hopefully you will too!  Be looking for #hilaryeveryday2014
 Day 1: Waiting Game
So ready for this little man to get here!
 I came in to find Charley like this, Daddy got her hooked up with her own show so he could watch football
 At least she's eating a healthy snack
Finally finished Corby's collage wall. I just got cheap canvaeds from Walmart and painted the mirror frame from my grandmother's dresser and used it as the frame to go around pics.
Jan. 2nd
My friend Kari asked us to join them at cupcake store called Small Cakes to decorate Minion Cupcakes and of course we said yes! It was just $5 a kid and they gave us step by step instructions, it was super fun and would be a great place for a birthday party or girls night out!
 This is the example of the minion cupcake
 The kids ready to get started
 Charley picked Red Velvet
 Brady picked Vanilla but would have preferred Chocolate but they ran out
 We started with the blue icing and then stuck a straw all the way down to help hold the twinkie up

 Even Kara and Baby Hayden did one!
 Twinkie time!

 Next we added black icing for the goggle part of the eyes!

 Then marsh mellows that were marked with a tiny black dot for eye! Brady decided his minion would have 3 eyes!

Day2: #hilaryeveryday2014
I thought both of them did a great job!
 Brady's on the left, example in the middle, Char Char on right
 Brady and Karson
 Charley and Ally
Sassy Girl
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