Friday, January 3, 2014

Jan. 3rd Day 3: 39wks I CAN DO IT!

Well, another week has past and another check up. I really thought this check up my doc would let me pick an induction date. (I was totally against inducing until Charley, it was so nice to know what day she was coming and to get myself prepared and let's me honest, as picture perfect as possible) I assumed she would let me pick Thursday or Friday, which Friday 10th is my actual due date, b/c that's what we did with Charley, however she told me she could possibly induce on Sunday 12th, seriously on a Sunday, ugh!
I will say it 100x, I love being pregnant, but there just comes a time when you're done, and stick a fork in me I'm done! It's not even a physical I'm done, I'm actually feeling pretty good, I haven't been swelling this last week at all and I'm still sleeping pretty good compared to the other two at this point. Don't get me wrong there are times I feel like he is punching through my vagina (sorry if that offends) there are aches and pains, and I've had some really big contractions but I'm ok. It's just the mental part, I'm extremely irritable (which I hate, cause I take it out on the kids and Ryan) and I'm just ready to old my lil man! As much as I love being home with the kids, part of me thinks it would make things easier if I was working to keep my mind off things especially this next week, but I had already scheduled my sub to start on Monday, so I'm praying this week can will go quickly and I will stay positive! I've waited this long for him, I CAN DO IT!
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