Saturday, January 4, 2014

Jan. 3rd Part 2: Just Chillin, Daddy Time, Gingerbread Cookies

After I got over my cry feast from being disappointed that I had not dilated anymore and didn't get to pick an induction day, the kids and I went to lunch and hung out at the house for awhile just chillin until Ryan got home. We have been enjoying him being home more over the break and coming home early the last couple of days. Unfortunately that will come to an end on Monday but we're soaking it up while we can!
One of the perks of Ryan's job (for him anyway), is he has lots of clients or potential clients that invite him to lots of sporting events, so Sunday he got to go to the Cowboy game and tonight he gets to go to the Cotton Bowl! He loves it, but these days I don't, lol, I've gotten real used to him being home at night and helping get the kids to bed! To keep from going crazy and hopefully prevent me from hitting irritable stage we decided to go to my folks house. Mimi had made some gingerbread cookies for the kids to decorate and we ordered pizza and Mommy got to relax.
 About the only time Charley likes to cuddle or even seat still is when she's tired and it was almost nap time, so she curled up with me for a minute!
 Man do these kids love their daddy, but especially this one, I love to see their father daughter bond! She hung out like this on him for at least 20min

 I left to go do something for a minute and cam back to see this, this man surprises me all the time with this little girl! She has definitely turned him into a softly! She asked if he would open her mani pani set and of course he did and painted her toes, so precious!

 Charley scrubbing her feet!

I forgot to post these the other day (12-31-13)! This is one of those other things that surprises, Ryan Boozer is not a dancer at all, but when this girl asked him to dance he jumps at the chance! She came down the stairs with this tutu on and said, "Daddy, will you dance with me?" I love it! Someday I'll have to get a video!


 They had so much fun decorating gingerbread cookies!

 B and his finished cookies!
Char Char and her finished cookies!
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