Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dec. 28th-31st Christmas with M&M, Tubbing, Dishes, Dance Off, & Snuggies

Ryan's grandparents came in from out of town to do Christmas with us at our house. The kids love seeing them!
 Ryan and Mother looking at the picture we framed for them of all the great grandkids
 Charley giving Mother a hug for her gifts!
 Mother is a wonderfully sewer/quilter and Brady this awesome cameo quilt!

Dec. 29th
Today there was just one service at church and Pastor Craig was not preaching so since things are fixing to really change around our house we decided to take the day to have a family day and invited my friend Hillary and her kiddos! Our sitter Maegan works at the Gaylord at the Kung Fu Panda Snow Tubbing and got us some free tickets so we couldn't pass it up! This was our second year to do this, last year Charley didn't want to have anything to do with it. This year we did get her to go actually go twice but she still wasn't sure what to think. FYI, this is a lot of  fun, but whoever came up with this did not create it with parents who are picture taker freaks, its so dark and I've tried everything to get a good picture, so please forgive them!
 Ryan and Charley
 Here comes B
 Aaron and Brady
 This is Charley not sure about this
 Ryan trying to convince her to go again!

 These are the two spots she hung out, daddy's head and with Mallary

 She finally decided to go one more time with Hillary
 Sweet Mallary

Charley walked all the way to the car along side the stroller holding Mallary's hand
Dec. 30th
While cleaning up after dinner my sweet Brady boy asked if he could help me with the dishes, love his caring sweet heart! Of course Charley decided to help too!

We watched Turbo with the kids tonight and the best part of watching a movie with these two is the dance off they have when the movie is over, hilarious!

Dec. 31st
I don't know if its just my kids but they are always cold. They do not come to the dinner table without a blanket. I honestly think Charley just does it b/c Brady does and Brady is skin and bones. I decided a great Christmas present for them both would be a snuggie so they could at least use their arms and still be covered. Both a their blankets are a little big but they are still enjoying them! Brady got a Texas Rangers and Charley got a Hello Kitty.

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