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Jan. 10th Corby's 1st Birthday Party-Oh How Time Flies

Jan. 10, 2015
Oh How Time Flies
What a perfect theme for this little boy's bday, I seriously can't even grasp the fact that a year as flown by, it's just crazy! We have a special place in our hearts for airplanes because Corby's Popi (my dad) and his Booga (Ryan's dad) both are pilots, my dad actually just retired after flying for 41yrs! So it was a no brainier to have this kind of party for our little guy! If you know me you know I like all things creative, hosting, and planning parties, I just love it all! Pinterest can be my best friend and the devil all at the same time, lol! I loved every detail of making his party just right, for the fact that it was his first birthday and because it would be the last first birthday we would celebrate in the Boozer household, tear!

 The runway-Gate 1 CRB 
(if you're slow like me sometimes, Gate 1 b/c he is 1 and CRB for the airport code b/c those are his initials.

 Cookie made by a friend Jennifer at The Sweet Life


 One of my favorite cleaver food ideas from Pinterest

 Propeller Props

 I made his hat using an already made party hat from the store and then just cut the fabric and used spray glue to make it stick.
I did not make these airplanes, but aren't they cute! From Your Little Cupcake on Etsy

 From Ella Jane Crafts from Etsy, she was great and super fast!

Party Favors
 I made the tags but the suitcases were another Etsy find Crafts from Rosa

 Idea from Pinterest but I made the card and I got the wings from Amazon

 Well this would have been a Pinterest fail, the flags themself turned out great but we could not figure out to hang them
 So my brother in law has his own Mall rides/Entertainment company and let us borrow is airplane for the day it was such a hit well for everybody but the bday boy!

 Our friend Colton
 Cousin Phoebe
Charley and her friend Ally

 Sweet Cooper



 Landry and her brother below Hayden

 Cousin Braeleigh

 Hannah's baby sister Harper, Corby and her are just a few months apart

 Big Brother Brady

 Cousin Mari

Boog and Popi and the Birthday Boy

Ms Presley and Mallary

 And b/c I can't pass up an opportunity to have some fun!

I thought this turned out pretty cute, a little poster board, duct tape, top of a pirate hat, and rope, oh and let's not forget the awesome highchair my Dina let me use.

Umm what is this?

More tears

Not sure why no on told me how crazy my bump or horn looked today

He would not wear his hat and spent too much time not to get at least one pic, lol

Family pic minus Brady, not sure where is was

Sweet Mallary and Presley (below) eating the yummy cake

Miss Haley

Miss Maryn

Cousin Cori and Aunt Stephanie
Katie and Ms. Dina

Present time

My crazy sister with the car Hannah made, lol

Our buddy Jesse

One our besties, Kara and Hayden

 I found this adorable top gun costume on amazon

He loved his airplane from his Mimi and Popi

 Charley might have like it more

 Daddy and Bday boy

 BTW this background is just butcher paper I found at hobby lobby

 Trying to show everybody he can walk now

Ms Maegy, one of my former students turned sitter, really she's part of the family, we love her!

I am super behind on all the kids scrapbooks but every year I at least make them pages for their birthday that include their invite, birthday pics, and a guest signature page.


And here are the precious 1st Birthday Pics...

 photo signature.gif

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  1. Corby's 1st Birthday Party looks great. I am totally in love with all these birthday bash arrangements. I am so grateful to you for sharing these inspirational photos here!! Our little Jane is also turning one year old in next month. I am very excited for the day and have booked the rental event space NYC in advance for the rainbow themed bash.