Wednesday, February 25, 2015

July 15th Charley turns 4

July 15, 2014
Day 196:
Char Char, Char Char Kel, Crazy Charley girl,Charley Rickelle, C are just a few of her names and she is 4 today, can't believe it! She is full of energy, sass, and all things girl but I bet could compete, hang, or maybe even beat almost any boy her age! We call her Crazy Charley Girl for a reason, she keeps up on our toes daily, actually by the min, lol, but man do we love her! Her smile and that dimple, those curls, she is beautiful inside and out! She is also sweet, caring and she is the best big sister. Her heart is so Big just like her bows! We Love You Char Char and hope you have a great day!


 Starbucks for breakfast, subway for lunch, both her choices, Build a Bear, Cotton Candy, Sweet and Sassy and sushi for dinner, again her choice. I'd say she's had a great bday so far!
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