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Feb. 12-17th Cabo HilaryEveryday 43-48

Feb. 12-17, 2015
So Ryan and I bought one of those cheap getaway deals two summers ago or so, can't remember exactly but you have like 18months to use it, so this past summer we finally put our dates in. They make them so cheap to entice you into buying one of their timeshares, so yes we knew going into it we would have to listen to a 90min presentation on how fabulous of a place it was and that it was too good of a deal to pass up! 

 But before I begin to tell you what a great time we had, let me first start off by saying when one of this deals policies states no group traveling and ask you if you are traveling with a group when you first sign up, don't lie or try to get around this, they take this very serious, like way too serious in my mind. 

Some of our friends are the ones that actually found this deal online and relayed the info to us and suggested we book it at the same time but of course keep that our little secret, well that didn't work out to well for us. A couple of days prior to us leaving and literally Tues. 10th and we were to leave on Thurs. 12th, our friend received a phone call asking if he knew a Hilary Boozer, well he of course lied and it was no big deal conversation over. He text me right after and told me to be prepared, well of course at this point I'm sweating b/c I would say I'm very much a rule follower and it made me nervous to know I would have to lie to someone, very nervous. So later that night I received a phone call asking the same question if I knew this person, however the phone conversation didn't end as easily as our friends. For whatever reason they didn't care that I said I didn't know him, they proceeding to tell me that we would not be able to come on our dates, that they would offer us the same deal and we'd have another 18m to us it. Well that did not sit well for me, a mother of 3 who had been planning since summer for this get away and had prepared months in advanced for who would be taking care of my kids, who would take them to and from school, who would get them to their ballgames and so forth on top of packing for a week for each of them and preparing valentines for them to receive from us while we were gone. If you have ever planned to be away from your kids you know the feeling. Its like you need a vacation before you even a vacation and then another one when you get home. I have to admit I got very upset almost lost my Jesus and almost cussed, lol, but I didn't :)! After probably an hour arguing with this guy, which by the way I could not understand nor could I hear him completely so add that to the frustration of someone telling you you can't go on my already paid vacation in 2 days! Before handing the phone over to Ryan who was actually rather calm, he wasn't real sure why I was so upset, he said to me, "Hilary you got caught doing the exact thing they don't you not to how can you get upset?" Well what does he know right, lol? anyway they told me we could have our dates but would have to stay at a different resort and pay more $. He also told me that it didn't matter if I knew them or not they were very strict on the policy and if there is someone in your same area or even your state you could not go, I mean really people, and that's when I almost my Jesus and had to hand the phone over. Make a long story a little shorter, they told Ryan they would have to call him back in the morning, mind you we probably wouldn't have been in this pickle if I didn't buy tickets for the exact flight. This entire time too we are texting our friends play by play and changing our fb privacy so in case they decided to be super detectives they wouldn't see we were friends, ridiculous right? The next day I called them for 2 1/2 hours trying to reach someone it wasn't until 2pm that I finally got a hold of a person and remember we are supposed to be leaving in less than 24hrs. Our friends that morning decided to change their dates just made sense, crazy time at work, sick kids, and this was just the icing on the cake, why travel at the same time if we can't even act like we know each other. Problems lies is that I couldn't tell the people this info b/c of this huge mess we had been through. After offering to give us a group rate after I denied once again of knowing these people, I told them I was leaving tomorrow when scheduled, staying at my original resort and not for a penny more but I was much more calm today, the lady put me on hold for about 2min and came back and apologized for any inconvenience and told me our reservation and everything was good, just like that, guessing they called the hotel and realized our friends were not coming any longer. I definitely learned my lesson and actually used it as a teaching moment with my kids too, b/c they heard/witnessed the entire mayhem. I explained that even as adults we have to always tell the truth and follow the rules, b/c even when we think its not a big deal bending the rules a little here or there it can turn into a real mess, and more importantly the Bible clearly tell us not to lie! I learned my lesson and hopefully I'll save you from making the same mistake!

After all of this, believe it or not we had a great time! We arrived around in Cabo right around lunch time and not two min off the airplane we had our first sells encounter, lol. After about a 40min drive to our resort Villa del Palmar we checked in but were too early to get into our room so we grabbed a bite to eat at one of their restaurants. After lunch we decided to take advantage of no kids and take a nap! After our nap we headed downstairs to check out the beach and pools, it was a little too chilly to get in so we just hung out and wanted around until dinner started. Every night they have a theme night with buffet and live entertainment, tonight was Retro night!

They have a great pool for the kids!

 Day 43: 
Well Hello Cabo!

 My MJ ruffles in the sand!

 They asked for people to come on stage or really grabbed you out of your seat, so I got to show everybody some of my moves, lol and snapped a picture with them afterwards. 

Feb. 13th
We slept in late and it was so nice! 
You are required to do your presentation your 2nd day, our meeting was at 10 and the they were going to feed us breakfast so we just hung around the room, Ryan worked and I started the morning off in God's word with a pretty spectacular view I must say! Ha to 90min, it was more like 3hrs granted I do have a salesman for a hubby, he talked them down so low it would have been stupid for us not to accept, so we have a timeshare, hopefully it will be a great thing for us but if not we can sell it back to them in a year so we didn't see the harm in that! 
After our meeting we grabbed lunch, hung out by the pool but again did not get in b/c it was even colder today and then headed to our room for another nap b/c we are on vacation right?
For dinner we decided to go into town and eat at Desperados, a place that was highly recommended to us, it was pretty good, especially the friend ice cream, yum! 
After dinner we walked around downtown a little and then ended to our room to watch a movie.

 Our presentation lady took us out for a picture trying to entice us more by the view!

She told us to kiss, we aren't much for pda especially when told to so this is how the first one turned out and I just love it! This is usually how he look at me!

 But we did get one!

Day 44:

Fried Ice cream

Feb. 14th
Happy Valentine's Day from Cabo! 
We once again slept in took our time getting ready, did a little work and quiet time and then headed to breakfast and then to the beach! Been here 3 days and this was our first time to get in the water and let's just say it wasn't very long, the water was so cold, ocean and pool but the sun was nice!
So Ryan had planned a surprise Sunset Dinner Cruise for us to celebrate Valentines, I had said earlier in the week that I had seen the sunset on the beach not until from the sea since our honeymoon so, he proved he listens to me, lol. Problem is I get motion sickness very easily, I can't get a boat or airplane without Dramamine and/or wrist bands, cars I have to be close to the front to see the road but its not as bad unless there is lots of winding or if I attempt to read and roller coaster at out of the question. I doubled up and took my Dramamine and put my wrist bands on so I thought I'd be ok I WAS WRONG! The wind should have been my first clue, 12mph I believe it was. I was ok for about 30min if that, if was a 2 hr cruise. I made it to the rocks and was able to take some pics but I think the boat stopping and me standing up and moving oh not to mention the massive rocking of the boat I was toast. In all the years, almost 36yrs, of dealing motion sickness I've only actually thrown up probably 3x, once on an airplane, once in the car after getting off a roller coaster, and maybe once in the car but never on a boat. Oh and I didn't just throw up once but twice in a trash bag in the back of the boat next to a couple who was attempting to have a romantic Valentines nigh, I did try to warn them as it was coming up, yuck sorry! Ryan felt terrible, it was so sweet and was trying whatever he could to help, but I just wanted off the boat!!!!! One guy did tell Ryan well at least she look Glam doing it, lol, guess I'll take that! Once we got off the boat I wanted so badly to be able to walk it off and be ok but I was done, I went straight to the room and went to bed. Poor Ryan had to go eat dinner by himself, oh b/c it really just a Sunset Appetizer Cruise, so he was starving when we got back.  He definitely gets puts for trying, and lucky for both us Valentines is not a hug deal to us!

Our Sunset Cruise Ship

The call this Lover's Beach

Hard to see but this rock was full of Sea Lions

Day 45:
Sunset Cruise with my Valentine. The beauty and romance didn't last too long unfortunately, chopping sea & Hilary = No Bueno!

This is about time I started feeling it

Back home though, Nani sent us pics of our lil Valentines opening their gifts from us! We started missing them after 24hrs!

Feb. 15th
So after a night on a boat and getting sea sick I decided to be a trooper and get up at the crack of dawn and go deep sea fishing b/c Ryan had been talking about weeks prior and already booked and paid for us to go, so that we did! It was so fun! It was beautiful, relaxing, well except when I was reeling in a fish, that's hard work, and fun to share in one of his hobbies! And we caught 4 Fish!!! 

 I joked with Ryan that this was the hat I was going to buy for the fishing trip! Perfect right? I thought the fish would love it! It seriously was a cutest hat, mad I didn't get it!

This is the bait boat, I found that humorous. It came over to us just as we left the marina and we got out bait!

I'm not sure what have of these pictures are I just snap when I think things are pretty!

This isn't pretty but thought it was cool! Fishies watch out!

Trying to get the sunrise

The sea was so much more calm than last night

And like that, within 10min of being on the boat I caught my first deep sea fish, Mahi-Mahi but this is my favorite picture, can you see the disgust behind that smile, lol, its so slimy!

Day 46:

We saw lots of whales that's what that black thing is

Thought this ship was cool!

Working on a fish!

Ryan's first catch of the day!

More whales

This fish require some assistance on Ryan's part!

Our teamwork fish

At the end of a fishing trip, the fisherman hang flags for every fish you caught and have a certain flag for the type of fish, so here are our 4 Mahi-Mahi flags!

On our way back I heard a noise and looked up and this guy was on the back of the boat. This is Pancho and every fisherman in Cabo knows him and there are many stories to be told about him, one they told us was that he stole the trophy fish right at of the fisherman's hand see below.
He jumps on this guys boat everyday to get his left over fish and I'm sure everybody else's boats too!

 Feb. 16th
Ryan had me doing all sorts of things this trip, I'm adventurous so of course I say yes! I typically believe there is nothing I can't do but I learned that Scuba Diving is on not one of those things!I enjoy snorkeling and have been doing it since middle school but I guess what I like about snorkeling is that I can put my head under and see all the pretty things and come up whenever I want you can not do that with Scuba Diving!!! I am not a quitter and I hate to lose or feel defeated but I quit today and I was so so terribly mad at myself but I just couldn't do it! Something about not having complete control of my breathing and having to breath through this hose for oxygen just made me panic. I tried at least 4 times to go under just in the shallow part to practice some safety tips, even with my instructor hold my hand I couldn't do it! He told me to go back to the boat at least 4x, guess technically he wasn't' supposed to go under with the others and leave anyone above but I promised to hang on to the rope and kept asking him to give me another chance, he probably hated me, lol! Anyway after 4 attempts I threw in the towel, LOSER, I know but I wasn't the only one there was another girl who had to come back too! I WILL TRY again but it will drive me crazy but maybe start out in a pool will be better next time!
After our Scuba Diving Disaster we went back to the hotel add some lunch and then had an 80min Deep Tissue massage, next time I might stick to Swedish, times were very relaxing and other times I was holding back the screams, lol!
For Dinner we went back to the Theme Night Buffet this evening it was the Big Mexican Fiesta, they had some super yummy food!

Ryan didn't understand why I didn't to buy the pictures since I didn't do it but I had to have prove I at least tried.

And no that's not a birthmark under my arm its just my spray tan, lol

Still feeling brave

Ryan's turn, he was a pro like everything else he does, however he had done it many times before was actually certified at one point as a kid!

And let's pretend this is me and Ryan enjoying our Scuba Diving together, awww!

Close ups of Sea Lions

Day 47:
Scuba and Spa Day (see above)

Feb. 17th
We slept in once again, had a late breakfast and headed to the airport, we couldn't wait to get home and see the kids maybe not the 36 degree weather but the kids for sure!

Day 48:
Home Sweet Home

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