Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Feb. 9-14 Hilary Everyday 40-45, Valentine's

Feb. 9, 2014
 Day 40:
Corby is 4wks old and gained 1 lb this last week! It's Valentine's Week and who wouldn't want to be his Valentine right??

She just loves to help!

Mama decided it was about time to do some cooking around here and Corby helped! Aren't crockpots the best??!!

Just because

Feb. 10th, Day 41: 
Got Brady's classes' Valentine Keepsakes pics done today, I sure hope the parents enjoy them!

Charley thought she should get her pic taken as well!

 We got to go check out Charley's possible new school and she was in love with the library!

Got to take these cute boys home after school today for a little playdate!

Feb. 11th, Day 42:
Shopping for my lil Valentines at Target, one of my favorite places on earth!

But before the shopping can begin a little pit stop to feed my lil man

Making their Valentines, I'm so pleased with the way they turned out! Its fun to see your creations come out and turned out! 

Feb. 12th, Day 43:
Look who is 1 month old! Last night was Corby's first night not to sleep in our room. We moved him to the office b/c it's the only other room downstairs and its super close to our bedroom. He is sleeping in his sleep and play rocker right now. Last night he ate about 10, woke up at 2:30, I was able to hold him off until 3 and then he went back to bed until 6am. 

Feb. 13th Day 44
They have my heart!

Feb. 14th Valentine's Day Day 45

 Its very easy and convenient to so close to a Krispy Kreme, I love how they have holiday donuts 

 Brady's valentines 
 Charley's Valentines

 Valentines Breakfast
 Thought this was the perfect Valentine's card for Ryan

 Corby needed a cute Valentines breakfast too!

Brady's Valentine's Party at School
Decorating cookies

 Conversation heart stack up, and yes Brady is crying. He is ridiculously competitive and he was upset he wasn't winning. 

 Posing with all his Valentines

 These two were plum worn out

 My Valentines
 Sushi for dinner, why, yes please!

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