Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oct. 11th 27wks & Abilene Visit

Today I am 27wks supposed to be the size of a rutabaga but I decided a junior football would be way more fun!
One of my best friends Kim's daughter Julia Grace's birthday was yesterday, she would have been 2yrs old. She is in heaven celebrating with Jesus today, but we wanted to be able to celebrate with Kim and spend the weekend with her and her precious family!
At 20wks Kim found out that her baby girl had trisomy 18 and her chances of making it to term were questionable, but they knew if she was to make it to term that her little life here on earth would be very short. I was not only able to walk along Kim and her husband Aaron during this journey but be there when she was born. I was even honored enough to get to hold her. Julia Grace was here for only about 1 1/2 but her life as touched so many people. I have been touched and blessed as well by Julia Grace and her unbelievably strong faithful parents! Kim is seriously the strongest woman I know! I am truly amazed by the faith that she showed throughout her pregnancy and continues to show on a daily basis. I admire her so much and  and am so thankful for our friendship! ! can't imagine my life without her, she is truly a gift from God to me!
FYI, Kim actually takes more pictures than me, I know its hard to believe but its true. She has an amazing camera too. Here are some pics of the kids just playing b/c she just couldn't help herself!

Abilene Visit

 Jolie Kate and Charley

 These girls are the cutest lil divas ever!

 Jack, Jolee Kate, Jake, Charley, and Brady

 Jolee Kate makes the best silly faces, lol

Just some more pictures on Kim's porch before heading home
Daddy was so glad to have us home and of course the kids were just as happy to see him!

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