Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oct. 9-10th Your Presence is Requested, Starbucks Treat, & Royal Party

When we got home this afternoon from school Charley had a special prize waiting for her on our porch. It was a special invitation requesting her presence at a Royal Princess Party aka Lizzie's 3rd Bday party! Charley was more excited about the balloon then anything!
 Charley holding Royal invitation


Thurs. 10th
This girl can definitely entertain herself  even if its with just a box, lol!
After school today I took the kids to get their flu mists and b/c its just not a fun thing to do ( I had to get my shot earlier today too at my chk up), I decided we all needed a Starbucks treat!
Later in the evening in was time for our Royal Party! Jenn did such a great job once again of throwing a fabulous party! Charley was in princess heaven! BTW this was her very first princess party! They were supposed to dress up like their favorite princess, although Charley likes the princesses she is just now getting into them, so I wasn't even sure if she had a favorite but when I asked her she said, "Ariel b/c she doesn't have legs!" Lol

"Mommy, come find me?"

Here I am!


Starbucks treat after our shot/mists

 My Ariel

Walking into her Royal party
My beautiful Ariel!
Ally was Ariel too
Besties-Ariel (Ally), Charley (Ariel), Cinderella (Landry), and Birthday Girl/Sophia the First (Lizzie)
Ms. Jenn every dressed up like a princess
Jenn and Lizzie
The decorations were fab!
Each table setting pmached the colors of the princess the girls picked as their favorite!

And the food was yummy too!
Birthday girl
Char Char

Lizzie's cousin Brin
Lizzie's cousin Jaryn
Getting ready to bedazzled
All the girl got princess stickers

I love her and her precious smile
Jenn had two of our 9th girls from church comes dressed up as princesses to help with nails and makeup

Char Char with Katie & Bella

All the girls showing off their nails and makup
Cutest princesses ever!

Cake Time

Make a Wish
Our Royal Knight Riley (Lizzie's cousin)
Present time

Lizzie specifically asked us for a Hello Kitty thing from Michaels she had seen

 If y'all knew Jenn you would know this totally out of her element to dress up so girly
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