Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sept. 26th-29th Specialist Check Up, 25wks, Celebrating Tanya, MVP,Perks of Being Ryan Boozer's Wife

I had my follow up with the specialist today and Corby is looking good! They were specifically lookikng at his spine b/c last visit they weren't able to get all the views they wanted b/c of the way he was sitting. Today his spine and everything else checked out ok, the want me to come back in a month to check his growth one more time! So thankful for another good visit! Today he even waved at us, I think he was trying to reassure this mama his doing just fine!

Friday, Sept. 27th
25 weeks today, about the size of a cauliflower. We've been without a fridge for several weeks, luckily we have a mini fridge but the temperature doesn't always work right so it kinda froze Brady's cauliflower which is why is looks so nasty, lol!
I've said before I love being pregnant ( minus all the extra dimples, jiggles, and this pregnancy, varicose veins), and as much as I want to meet this little boy and hold him in my arms, part of me is going to be sad not to be pregnant anymore!
Pregnancy is a miracle, growing a baby inside you, feeling them move and providing their every need for 10months, its just a crazy miracle from God! To think this is the last time I'll experience it makes this pregnancy even more special, I am cherishing every minute, one b/c as you know part of me had given up on the idea that I'd have another baby and God gave me this little miracle and two knowing its my last!
My oldest sister Tanya is turning the big 4-0 on The 30th and its been years since the four of us had a girls night out so this was a perfect opportunity! Tanya wanted to go to a painting class, so we made we met up for dinner at Fuzzy's and then went to Painting with a Twist to paint a Zen Tree!
 Sister Mandi, Sister Tanya, Me and My Mom
 Mom and Tanya
We started with a blank canvas and then had to add the background
 Then we added the tree trunk and branches
Then came some low and highlights
 Finished product

 All of us with our finish products
Earlier today I took this cutie to lunch and shopping at Motherhood Maternity to get this mama some new bigger clothes. She kept busy playing with blocks int he dressing room and putting on and taking off the prego bump they have for you to try on in the dressing room. She thought she was super cute looking like her mama!

Sat. 28th
 Brady got one of the MVP awards today at his soccer game, Way to Go Brady!
Perks of Being Ryan Boozer's Wife
20 yrs ago, I lost me identity from Hilary to Ryan Boozer's girlfriend, then finance, and now his wife. I've always enjoyed the title and have always been proud to wear it! I have been Ryan Boozer's number one fan from the first time I fever saw him play in the 7th grade, high school and college was no different. He has always been a tremendous athlete and one of those people that is just good at everything, kinda makes me sick at times and has caused me not to play certain games with him b/c I can't handle losing to him, lol!
He was a total stud and All-American linebacker at ACU, but would never admit it and would hate that I was writing this too! This last year he was one of 8 former alumni/athletes to be asked to be a part of the Champions Circle, a group of men who have been asked to give some money, time, and advise to help make ACU a Division 1 school. He was honored and of course accepted. This group of men and ACU athletic staff are not just investing their time and money but investing in the lives of present/future athletes through prayer and God's supervision and hopefully providing a better opportunity for their personal and atheltic futures! I couldn't be any prouder of him! With all the success he has had through sports and now his career he is always looking for ways to give back and give God the glory! He is not perfect (neither am I, I guess, lol) but I couldn't ask for a more loving, givng, hard working husband who loves the Lord, his family, and as hidden as it might be at times, a huge heart!
This weekend was there first official planning time. They invited us to the ACU game in Frisco to sit in the suite, provided us not only with tickets, parking, and snacks throughout game, but dinner after the game and also put us up in a hotel for the night, pretty cool! Sunday, while Ryan was in his meetings the kids and I went to breakfast, did a little shopping, and outdoor site seeing.

She probably did this over and over again for 20min

Sunday 29th
As much as I was hoping to sleep in that didn't happen, lol, but we did get up and have a nice breakfast at IHOP with hot chocolate included!
After breakfast we ran to Ross to do some shopping to pass some time and then we headed to where Ryan's meeting was and did some outdoor site seeing! Brady had to collect some leaves for his homework so I thought this was a great opportunity!

Love these kids, when I told them to stand in front of the tree so I could take their picture, Charley took it upon herself to pose them!

Ryan got a new shirt and this awesome sign!
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  1. That is so cool for Ryan! Marcus played football at ACU too! I love the pregnant Charley! So cute!

  2. You are such a doll! Glad baby and mommA are all good, and how exciting for Ryan! Yay!