Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oct. 23rd Belly Dancing & Check Up

Corby's favorite time to get his move on is when I'm sitting on the couch at the end of the night, after kids are down watching TV. It's one thing to feel the baby moving its another to actually see it! Just this last week I started being able to see him move and it seriously makes me giggle, even snort a little, lol! Knowing this is my last pregnancy and realizing I had never gotten a video of it before, I pulled out the phone and started to video it and boy did Corby put on a show, just watch...

I had my 29wk check up today with my regular doctor and I had another check up with the specialist. This is the first time in all three pregnancies that I have not gained a pound not even an ounce at a visit, guess that's what two tummy bugs in a one will do for you! So that was exciting, still holding on to 35ish pounds! I haven't mentioned this before but I have developed the most nasty disgusting varicose vein for the first time ever, it started out just an ugly vein on the outside of my left leg and then turned into a bulging zig zag nasty thing starting now at my crotch area going all the way to my knee. Last visit I just asked my doctor about it but this time just to help me feel more at ease (if that's possible) I showed her. Luckily yet sadly its normal! So to fix it I've been having to wear maternity compression tights for the last 2wks at work and anytime that I'm on my feet a long time, they are by far the sexist things ever, NOT! If it wasn't for my pride I'd take a picture of it and my vein but I'll just let you use your imaginations! The tights seem to help me the ease the pain and discomfort of the vein but man they themselves are the tightest most comfortable thing ever! Praying it will go away afterwards but if not I've already warned Ryan surgery or whatever they do to veins WILL MOST DEFINITELY be a must if he ever wants to wear shorts again or be seen in a swim suit, lol! Corby is all worth it though!

Right after my check up, I headed over to see the specialist and once again I got a great report! Corby is measuring right on track, fluids are good and all things that I was high risk for seem to be just fine God is GOOD ALL THE TIME! Here is the latest pic of my little man, how cute his this pic with his hand on his head, thinker or flexer?

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  1. I want to see your dancing belly, but the video says it's private. So glad Corby is doing ok! Sorry about the vein! That is crazy. You are still the cutest pregnant girl I know!

  2. Love the video! Avery is crazy active @ night & we love watching her move & groove. Definitely gonna miss that part of the pregnancy!