Friday, December 27, 2013

Dec. 27th 38wks

Another week that I felt was necessary to be creative and come up with my own comparison! One site I was supposed to be a leek and the other was a pumpkin, which I've already been a small pumpkin for the week of Halloween, so a Christmas Present it was!
At my appointment yesterday there was no change in my dilation but I was 50% effaced, so maybe something will happen this week. I've been experiencing lots of contractions and just starting to get to that uncomfortable, I'm ready stage! I'm so READY to meet this little guy, but I remind myself daily that this is the last time I will ever feel a tiny little miracle moving around inside me and that's what keeps me going!
Corby and I had a talk and I told him I wanted to get through Christmas and then he was more than welcome to come anytime, so Christmas as come and gone, let's go Corbs! The bags have been packed for a couple of weeks and I got the carseat in the car yesterday, we're ready Baby Boy!
Charley was in a mood this morning, it took Daddy coming up to take the picture, 4 takes, baby Stella, and Brady holding her present to get this girl to smile!
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