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April 4th-5th Easter Weekend

April 4th
I finished Brady's tie today and can't wait for the kids to get to wear their outfits tomorrow!  We had a busy morning and afternoon, so busy, we didn't even decorate eggs until late tonight but we got it done and that's all that matters. 
We got to celebrate one of Brady's best buds Aaron and his little sister Mallary at Urban Air! The kids had a blast!
After the party we met Ryan at Chilis for dinner and Corby got his first restaurant drink, of course milk, but in a kid cup and he thought he was so big! 
Once we got home we hurried and took baths and then finally did our eggs! 

 BDay girl Mallary and her mama Hillary

BDay Boy Aaron

 Love these boys
Mallary refused to take a picture without her mama

Cobry with his big boy cup

 Trying to get a picture of these guys in their Easter PJs

 Because it was so late we just used this contraption to do eggs, it was easy, quick, and less clean up!

Matching bow tie and tie
Oh and look at my Easter Plate!!!

Day 94: 
It may have been 8pm before we got started but we finally got to dying our Easter eggs!
April 5th
As much as we enjoy Easter traditions, hunting and decorating eggs, Easter bunny pics and Easter bunny treats, it is important that my kids know the real reason we celebrate, Jesus is the reason! So thankful for the sacrifice He made for us on the cross and then the miraculous rising from the dead 3 days later!
After opening Easter treats and church we went to m folks house for an Easter lunch and egg hunt!

 This would be my Easter breakfast Pinterest fail!

Love these 3

Brady loves his big cousin Chase, the boys are totally out numbered and have to stay together
Cousin Phoebe
Cousin Mari
Cool Kid Chase and his mama, my sister Tanya
The grandkids minus Corbs
All the grandkiddos

Tanya's crew, Matt had to work
Two crazy peas in a pod
Mandi's crew
Brady loves photobombing

Wearing MJ

Day 95:
Happy Easter from the Boozers!
Trying to take a serious picture with 3 kids is no joke, lol, or maybe it is

It could not be any cuter

My boys

Mandi and Chris
Love my babies!

Every Easter we take individual family pictures and a two sister pics, one serious, one crazy

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