Tuesday, May 5, 2015

March 27th Brady's Bday Party

 March 27th
Brady's 8th Birthday Party
So b/c Brady got sick over Spring Break we had to reschedule his birthday party but now instead of a regular jump party it turned into a Glow Jump Party (that's all they had available for the date/time we needed)! It turned out to be a great party, easy and simple for Mama and super fun for the kids! 

 Day 86: 
Finally Celebrating This Guy!
Party Favors-Black Light Bandana, Glow in the Dark Necklace, and Cookie

Party Favors-Jump Bands

 Silly Family Pic
 My precious family

 Aaron and Brady
Isaac and Brady
 Birthday Boy Brady had a blast
 Karson and Ally
Charley had a blast
3 generations of Boozer men

 So squeezable

Ready for some dodge ball
 We love Bergen!
 Crazy face but, ready for a dunk
 Bergen getting some air!

 Love this pic!

 The employee feeling sorry for Brady and trying to calm him down after he got in trouble from me b/c he's too competitive and can't handle getting out!

 Even Maegan played

 Pretty sad when you have to watch from the sideline on your bday, tough love, some day he'll learn its just for fun!
 He finally got back in the game!

 Ally and Charley
 Charley and Lane
 Crazy Cori

 We love Maegy
Brady and Maegan

 Brae and Cori
Love this boy!
 Brady, Isaac, and Ryan
 Hang Time!

 Corby and Brae
 Cori and Corby
 Brae was sucha sweetie, playing with Corby

 Daddy and Birthday Boy
 Brae chasing Corbs

Pizza Time!

 Charley, Ally, and Colton

 Corby loves him some pizza bones

Cake Time!!!

 Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday dear Brady...

 Karson and Brady
Pretty sure it was a successful party, this was the kids 10min down the road on the way to Brownwood!

Present Time!!!
Like I said above we headed to Brownwood right after the party, so Brady sweet boy waited all weekend until we got home to open his presents and never once complained or even asked about it!

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  1. What a fun birthday party!! Seems like the kiddos enjoyed a lot in this party. Well, my kid’s are also going to attend their cousin’s birthday party. This party will be a frozen birthday party that will be organized at the best kid’s party venue space nyc. They are so excited for this!!