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April 6th-17th Crazy Corby, Throw & Catch, Kite Day, the Real Kite Day, 100th Day, No More Training Wheels

April 6th
These pictures pretty much sum up most of my days at home! By the end of the day when its time to actually sit, I usally just collapse, but as tired as I am from chasing this guy around or cleaning up his messes I wouldn't change thing, other than maybe a live in maid, lol! :)
 He found gum and I don't even know how or where from!

Day 96: 
"What Mama? Oh, you mean this? Oh it's just gum I found, no worries!"

April 7th 
Brady's team got asked to scrimmage another team at the park tonight, so what better time to let the kids run and play and throw a baseball around with dad!
Day 97: 
A little throw and catch with dad, future baseball player maybe??!!

April 8th 
Day 98: 
Today was supposed to be brought to you by the letter K, for Kite Day at Charley's school. After picking out an outfit that needed some altering and making a headband out of alterations (see @crazyaboutmatildajane for more info) and posing just right for a pic, we got to school and realized today is not Thursday, which is when kite day is, it's just Wednesday. Instead of wasting a good outfit and pic I decided you might enjoy and get a good laugh at another oops hilaryeveryday b/c this is me folks ! Now to pick out an even cuter outfit for tomorrow's actual kite day will be a challenge!
April 9th
Paul says our generous acts of love towards others are like a "sweet-smelling aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well pleasing to God. Phil. 4:8
When we think of helping those in need we think of it as the right thing to do or even the Christlike thing to do. But Paul says that our intentional act of reaching out to meet someone's need actually fills the throne room of God with a fragrance that brings pleasure to Him!
So let you Fragrant Love, a sweet smelling aroma fill his throne!

I have never been known as a good speller, as you can see Fragrant in my picture has no R, pretty sure God doesn't care and loves it even more b/c it's me and from my heart imperfect and real! Although when I realized it drove me crazy!!!!

 Just b/c he's cute!

Today is the real kite day so here is another adorable MJ outfit!

Day 99: 
Let's Try this again... Brought to you by the letter K, today is actually, for real Kite Day (see yesterday's post if you're confused )!

 How I found Corbs at the gym daycare today, they said he was hanging out like this and rolling around for 15min :)
April 10th 
We made it to 100days of Hilaryeveyday!
Day 100, Part 1: 
Rise and Shine and give God the Glory Glory! Today is not only glorious morning worthy of His praise but it's also the 100th day of the year, which means we've survived the first 100 days of HilaryEveryday2015, just 265 more to go!

Day 100, Part 2:
Wow, 100 days!
 Charley and I played with some play clay while Corby was napping!

April 11th
Donut kind of Saturday morning! Hmmmm, I'll take this one and this one!

 Donuts and balloons, bet your donut lady can't make balloon animals!

 Day 101: 
This Dude was 4 for 5 today! Started off his first game batting left with a 1 Run Homerun and then the 2nd game he was 3 for 3- a FC, a double rbi, and a single rbi which happened to be the winning run! Love watching this boy play ball!

April 12th 
Day 102: 
Exciting day in the Boozer house, we officially have a new bike rider, Ms. Charley Rickelle Boozer! Not with lots of tears, fits and yelling but we did it!

 And bribing, the only way they were allowed to swim was if she rode her bike. First time in the pool this year!
 Corbs loved just watching them and surfing 

April 13th
Monday mornings are a bit crazy, just getting back into the swing of a school day and then Corby and I have Bible Study, so after dropping Charley off at school we head to church. Today after church we went to lunch with friends and guess we picked a popular spot b/c all the highchairs were taken, well my group did need 3 but I opted for Corbs to sit in a booster and he thought that was a super fun idea!

Ryan was out of town tonight and b/c sometimes its fun to be spontaneous I decided to take the kids to movies, Corby's first move btw, to see Home! It was super cute and Corby really did pretty good considering his age!

 Just b/c she and MJ shorties are too cute!
 Corby has learned the taking pictures drill and backs himself up to the garage to get his done, trying to teach him cheese! Although I did capture I great one here!
 Big Boy Booster
Day 102: 
B/c sometimes you just need to go to the movies on a school night when dad has a late work night!

April 14th
 If you only knew how on point this is in my life right now, I have been physically be called to be a shepherd in an area in my life and I am eager to serve and excited to see what God has in store for me! Let's be honest though, I'm a little scared, but one thing I have learned this year is when I am obedient to his calling He Will Equipped Me so I will continue to trust in Him!

"Be shepherds of God's flock that is under your care, watching over them-not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not pursuing dishonest gain, but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being an example to the flock. And when the Chief Shepherd spears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away."

 MJ is having a promo (realize today is actually May 24th so this is not happening right now) and what better way to so it off than showing how useful and convenient it is being a mama of 3 on the go and not mention super cute too!

April 15th
Twiny with Charley and her first side pony!
Day 105: 
Tyler's T-shirt Twins!

Corby eating his feet, lol

April 16th
Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup; You make my lot secure. Psalm 16:5
My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Psalm 73:26

 Love this girl, these MJ pants, and this MJ headband!

 Charley loves bringing home her books and reading them to me!
Day 106: 
This poor guy started complaining late last night of tummy ache and throat hurting and woke up with a little fever, those symptoms in our house means strep throat and sure enough a quick trip to doc confirmed! He seems to already be feeling better, we've moved from crackers and sprite all day to Ramen noodles for dinner. And let me just add my kids could eat Ramen noodles everyday every meal, I know it's not healthy and of course I don't let them but it sure makes for a cheap and easy meal when I do!

April 17th
Today was Char's last day of Friday morning gymnastics, she's getting moved up to an after school beginners class next week! It's been super fun to watch her progress! 
My dad watched Charley while my mom, Corby, and I went to the Kendra Scott store to pick out some bday jewerly for me and then tonight we got to celebrate one of Brady's Best Buds Karson! He had a game trunk come to his house and it was super fun!
Day 107:
Happy Early BDay to me! Thanks mom!
Karson and Brady
Coop, Karson, and Brady
Ally and Charley
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