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March 28th-29th Brownwood Trip

March 28th
For the past 14yrs, I believe, Ryan and his college buddies meet up once a year at one of their parents ranches to work cows. Ryan loves for Brady to come and "help" but the older he gets the busier he gets but this weekend we actually had no baseball games scheduled and a free sat well except a piano recital but that;s a different story for another day. So I decided why not tag along!

We woke up Saturday morning, Ryan and Bryan aka BC went to the ranch while Sloan, the kids, and I went to Jackson's soccer game. After the game we went to hang at their house for a little and then went to grab a bite to eat at the Runaway Train Cafe, then to ranch to "help."

Quick Pic after Jackson's soccer game! I love these cute curly ended kids!

Lunch at the Runaway Train Cafe
I think sometimes these two could be brother and sister!

Ranch Time

This picture describes my kids to a T! 
Brady-rule follower, refused to sit in the back of the trunk, had to be seated and buckled even riding around on the ranch. Brady eventually came around to sitting in the back.
Charley-What mom, I can sit in the back, not buckle, or be on my knees facing backwards, don't have to tell me twice!

Corby loves Ryan, like sometimes I think more than me

Me had to hide and be quiet so they could herd the cows into the shoot

Corby wasn't real sure about the cows

One of their friends found this snack on their property and everyone was in awe watching it!

Charley and Mr. Bob (BC's dad) she really likes him and I think the feeling is mutual :)
With Mr. Bob checking out the snack

She held her nose and her breathe like this most of the day, lol!
My little cowgirl...well she's trying!
 MJ shirt with boots on the ranch!

Trunk=Great Play Pen for Corbs

Mark and Jackson
Mark is Craig's (a college roomie) son

I mean can you say fifthly??!!
Sloan and Cutler
Representing Sammy, a roomie who couldn't come and his SRS farms

Just a warning, I feel like the pictures are okay but if you have an easily upsetting tummy maybe don't look. Being a city girl when they first talked about working cows years ago I had no idea what that meant, I was just thinking herding them or something. I had no idea the work that goes behind working cows. Some might find it cruel, but if you get meat than this has to be done. Not only do they give them shots to keep them healthy, spray to keep flies/bugs off, tag their ears so they can tell their cows from others, but they also cut their balls, yes I said balls for many reasons, I'll let you do the research on it if you want. I have a new respect for ranchers.
So there is your warning :) 

So for some reason I thought it would be really fun to help out! Yep I too am wearing MJ, probably should have planned that out better, but actually just my hands got dirty!

Day 87: 
Oh just an ordinary day in the life of a city girl living the life of a country girl for a day. Working cows if you know what I mean ! Yep I'm doing what you think and holding what you think!

Ryan was pretty impressed with his ol wife!

We had steaks, fries, beans, and peach cobbler for dinner outside.

Someone kept stealing my DP!

March 29th
The last time we went to Brownwood, Sloan made the kids colored pancakes so they thought they needed them again!
After breakfast we packed and then headed to the pond behind BC's parents house to fish. Charley was the first to catch a fish and had the most luck of everybody!

 Craig getting Charley ready to throw her line in!
 And just like that her first fish!
 BC and Jackson
 Charley trying to decide if she wanted to touch the fish

 Everybody fishing!
 Love this picture!
 Love this one too!
 Make that #2 fish

 Corbs just hung out here most of the day, until about 15min after this picture he tumbled over scared me to death!

 Mark catches one!
 Mark and Craig

 And right after this picture he went boom!

 And this makes #3
 Jackson catches one!
 I love Cutler's reaction to his big brother catching a fish!

 Always finding people's drinks!

 Brady finally gets one!

 This one was a team effort!

Day 88:
 Fishing with Dad! No words to express how happy this makes me heart!
 After fishing we started home, this was just a few minutes into our drive!
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