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April 18th-April 29th HilaryEveryday

 April 18th
 Today some of my sweet friends helped me through a baby shower for a precious friend and her baby boy who we have been praying for for a very long time! It was a vintage sports theme and turned out so so cute!
Brady had a scrimmage later that day and we discovered the best play pen for Corby, Ryan's truck bed!

 Marla, Kaetlin, Hillary, Olivia and Me!
Marla and Me
 Hill and Olly

Day 108:
I love all 4 schools that I taught at over the 12 1/2 years I taught but my very first Crockett sure as some special memories, including these ladies! 

Bed= Perfect Stage and Play Pen, endless entertainment at Brady's game and mommy actually gets to watch the game!
April 19th
My heart has been heavy for a very very sweet dear friend but I am reminded and encouraged by His words... And He is before all things; and in Him all things hold together. Col. 1:17
While we may not understand the what, where, why of our circumstances/struggle/trial, we do know that God is our sustainer! He is our friend, who knows and cares for our every need and He is also the Lord of our life that directs the events of our lives moment by moment! He has already prepared our steps, our day, the event, etc! Thank you Lord!

 Sunday MJ Matchy Matchy

 I came in to see Corby like this today, Man, I love him!
 This kid is seriously obsessed with bats!

Day 109: 
Because brushing your teeth wouldn't be as fun without taking some time to watch and talk to yourself in the mirror before hand in your pretend Spanish of course!


April 20th

Day 110: 
What a BLESSING it is to have true friends that will walk beside you through all of life's circumstances and an even bigger Blessing to see our kids do the same! I these kids and their mamas!!!!

April 21st
Happy Bday to Me! Started my morning with a free bday coffee and sporting my new bday shades from my friend Kara! Then I headed to the gym to get my bday workout on b/c I'm not getting any younger! I got some fabulous new Kate Spade flip flops and had the kids blue bonnet pic done and then had bday dinner with the fam at Sliver Fox!

Happy birthday to me! One of my gifts from Ryan! He picked up on some of my hints and was possibly reminded and maybe they were even ordered by his assistant Jessica but who cares! Can you say fabulous?

 Day 111: 
Me and My Beautiful Blessings getting Bluebonnet pics before birthday dinner!

April 22nd
If you ever need to be encouraged or just feel loved, listen to Chris August's song The Maker, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!
I see you in the sunrise, I see you in the rain, I see you in the laughter, I feel you in the pain
Everything that You have made is Beautiful,
Oh man God I can't believe my eyes
but in all of this to think that you would think of me, makes me come alive!
Your love is like a mighty fire deep inside my bones
I feel like I could climb a thousand mountains all at once
And I never have to wonder if somebody cares for me
I love the Maker and the Maker loves Me!

Day 112: 
First Big Girl Beginners Gymnastics Class After School!

April 23rd
Day 113: 
Brought to you by the letter Y-Yippy Yak's Yummy Yellow Day!

 Look what Little Ms. Sunshine learned to do today, she did her own piggy aka ponytail for the first time! Took her to school with her hair down, picked her up and her hair looked ike this and she was so proud! I noticed she had a ponytail holder on her wrist this morning but didn't think anything of it!

One of my favorite pieces in our MJ collection this month, coming from someone who doesn't like shorts and never has been able to wear a romper!

 Corby has been saying Brady for a couple of weeks now, Its so precious!

April 24th
It's Friday and our first Friday in a long time we don't have gymnastics or something going on, so we went to the gym and decided to have lunch with Brady!
 This girl can go from ruffles and frills to her sweating clothes, just like her mama!

Day 114: 
Surprise lunch date with Brady at school!

This little man is into EVERYTHING!!!

April 25th
Day 115:
 Brady's baseball might have been cancelled but that didn't stop Corbs from playing! 

April 26th
Brady had to do a timeline for school and we had so much fun finding old pics of him!
To say our boys are built differently is an understatement 😂Brady vs. Corby
Day 116: 
Brady's Timeline! This is my kinda of project, I may not have it all together at times, ok most of the time but one thing I do have is lots of pictures documenting every milestone and the dates, I'm actually kinda anal about dates

April 27th
Day 117: 
Pre-K Graduation pics!

MJ is having a flash sale, so I had to get my little MJ model to pose in some sale items!

Two different dresses, same accessories!

 I will never get tired of watching my precious, peaceful babies sleeping!

April 28th
Day 118: 
Much needed girl time, love these girls! I am surrounded by so many fabulous family and friends, seriously!

April 29th
Day 119: 
Well at least Charley has the pose down, if we could just get Corby still long enough
Look how cute these two are mathcing in their MJ straightees!
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