Friday, May 15, 2015

March 30th-April 2nd Jordans, No Super Mom, a lil MJ, Hair Date, and Easter Celebrations

Day 89:
This kid is not only adorable but stylin too! I bought him his first pair of Jordans at the JBF consignment sell, can't beat $13 right?! Oh and did I mention how much he loves hats! He loves to put them on and typically they are sideways like this or backwards, hehe!

We decided to go for a walk to the park which turned into Charley jumping in the one single jogger stroller with Corby b/c her legs were too tired from pushing her scooter!

One of my Favorite Bible Journaling this far, the message and the picture...
I am not a Super Mom or Super Women, I CANNOT do it all but I have A SUPER God! It is only with His help that I can be the women I am called to be! Keeping my eyes fixed on him and putting him at the center of my life, I can learn to balance this sometimes crazy and chaotic life with love, grace, and confidence! Thank you @robynjoyner for your encouraging blog post! FYI some of you have mentioned how much you'd love to journal but can't draw or don't have pretty handwriting, I am learning some tricks as I go. Like guess what, I printed this image on wax paper and transferred on the pages (thanks Pinterest), so you can do it too!

March 31st
I am super thankful for a little sassy girl that for the most part loves to be my lil MJ model, some days it requires some bribing but most days she is happy to do it!

 One of my favorite outfits and for sure favorite headband!

I even bought one for me, hehe!
 This Dress!!!! Love it even more with the pop of the leopard belt
 We got womens ruffles in and boy do I love them!

So you know how much I love to match the kids and with Easter just around the corner, I did something I never thought I would do I TOOK SCISSORS TO MJ, OH THE HORROR ;)!!!! JK, it totally was worth it, made Corbs a bowtie and will attempt to make Brady a tie soon!

 Day 90: 
Baseball Entertainment
 April 1st
Charley was super excited about her Easter Egg hunt today at school and after school Brady and I had another hair date, I love getting to spend 1 on 1 time with the kids!

 Day 91:
Hair Date with this cutie! I love that I am guaranteed a one on one date every 12wks with him!

 April 2nd
I have mentioned before how much I love making fun lunches for the kids and I seriously would do it everyday if I had the time, luckily holidays are spread out enough apart that I can usually handle fun holiday lunches. So today Charley got her an Easter lunch! 
Corby and I had some Easter outfit shopping to do today and sweet boy was just wiped out from all the shopping and passed out in the stroller! But by the time we got to the gym he was full of energy checking out the glass windows. 


 Day 92:
Hey, mom, I can see you through this office glass window, wow!!!!!

Ran to the park after the gym to play at the park for a little while!

 Checking out the ducks in the pond!

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