Tuesday, July 21, 2015

May 12th-May 20th Hilary Everyday

May 12th
Our Charley girl got her Pre-K graduation pics back today and man are they cute!
We met up at TCU with fellow ACU alumni to see ACU vs. TCU baseball game tonight and boy was it fun and just happened to be Brady and Charley's first college baseball game. Brady is a huge TCU fan but when they are playing our ACU wildcats we must cheer for them instead!
 We have started to wash Charley's hair in the sink b/c its getting to long to wash in the tub, for whatever reasons this brings back lots of memories as me being little girl!

Day 132:
Family Fun at TCU watching ACU play!


May 13th
The day in the life a mom of a cutie named Corby who happens to be a cazy, a climber and a baseball lover! 
Day 133: 
Corby the Climber-In a matter of seconds and within seconds apart this happened...
This is way my house is never clean, lol, I can not take my eyes off of him for a sec, but again why would I, he's so stinkin cute
 This boy loves his ball and bat!

Corby thinks he can jump!
May 14th
Day 134: 


May 15th
"What Mama, I just helped myself to some Cheerios and a spoon? Isn't this how everyone eats it?" 

Day 135: 
Play date with these cuties! 

 Corby is excited about playing some baseball! I love this crazy kid and the throw yourself down at the end like your sliding into home just topped it! 

May 16th 
 Day 136: 
Graduation shopping and lunch with the girls, minus Charley and Kaylee, plus a cute lil man!


May 17th
He just can't get enough of this bat even in our Sunday Clothes!

Day 137: 
How I spend my Sunday mornings- hanging with this FABULOUS youth ministry crew! I appreciate their hardwork, hearts and passion for our youth! John, I hope this is sufficient for you, you can now say you were one of my days

May 18th
Day 138:
Mama Lesson Monday- This mama hates doing laundry, especially socks!!!! A lesson I learned years ago from my daddy was to safety pin your dirty socks so there is no chance of losing any. FYI safety pin at the the top not at toes, otherwise you'll get holes 👍! Great idea when your first married without kids, even with just one kid! However the more kids you add to the mix the more laundry which means more socks and who has time to safety pin all those socks. So it hit me today after talking laundry with some friends that I was giving Brady a new chore, he is now my safety pinner, at least for his own socks, we'll start there and see how it goes! Praying he can be trusted with safety pens

 May 19th
It's transportation month at Charley's school, so everyday we drop her off Corby must get in the cars!  

Day 139:
Our Rangers baseball season has come to an end, I couldn't be more proud of Brady and his teammates! Sad to say goodbye to another season but looking forward to free week nights and weekends for awhile!

May 19th
"For God has NOT given me a spirit of Fear BUT of Power and of Love and of a Sound Mind." 2Tim. 1:7
We must believe His opinion of what we are and by faith adapt our actions accordingly until His opinion becomes our opinion! Choose to believe and receive His gift of "power, love and sound mind." 

 Day 140: 
This boy loves thinks he's pretty sneaky and big stuff!! He found my pencil and devotional book and climbed up into the chair all by himself to I'm sure, decorate the pages before I caught him!

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