Tuesday, July 21, 2015

May 29th Brady's Field Trip and Charley's Graduation

 May 29th
Today was a fun filled day! First on the agenda Dallas Aquarium for Brady's field trip and then tonight Charley's Pre-K graduation.
Because of the ridiculous about of rain we have had areas have been flooding so we were stuck in traffic this morning forever! What normally would of taken me 20-30min took me an 1.5hrs and the bus 2hrs but once we finally made it we had a lot of fun!

Well our field trip was supposed to start 14mins ago but been stuck in this nasty bumper to bumper traffic! 
Once we finally made it!

 They were cleaning the tank and the kids thought it was super fun

Pre-K Graduation Time! 
 Corby has learned to take the picture position
Fixing to head to the church for graduation. Charley and I disagreed on wearing pants with our dress, pick your battles right, so I at least made her take a picture with them on!

 One of our Besties Lizzie

 Lizzie and Charley again
 Every year the teachesr put together an All About Me book which includes a picture of your kiddo at every special event they have at school and includes so art and crafts.

 Marching in to Pomp and Circumstance

 This was Charley's first performance like this, so I was a little camera happy
Lizzie and our buddy Colton

 We got to take this home
 Nani and Booga came, Popi was sick so Mimi stayed home

Day 149: 
Charley's Spring Show/Pre-K Graduation
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  1. Hey, Brady's field trip seems so fun and interesting. I am so pleased to see these photographs. Well we are also going to a family trip in NYC. I think New York has more fun stuff to do. We would love to attend annual food show at local event space NYC!!