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April 30-May 3rd Stream Trip

April 30th
Ryan qualified to go on his company's partner club trip and lucky me wives were included! That's not even the best part, in my opinion anyway, we also got to take the company's private jet, that would be a first for me, hehe! I will admit I was a little nervous, considering me and moving things don't get along, I wasn't sure if a smaller airplane would be worse but it was a super smooth and easy trip!
Once we arrived we headed start to the pool and then later met up with everyone for dinner at Cadiz which was super yummy!

Day 120: 
This is how we roll... well for today anyway

The boys of course played a dice game on the way!

When we got in our room this was on the TV, Good Afternoon Ryan Boozer :)

May 1
Ryan and I got up and took a walk and then I went for a run when we got done, there is something about running along side a beach, I love it! Then we had a nice breakfast there at the hotel restaurant. After breakfast it was time for our couples massage-ahhh! Then we headed across the street to the Coral Casino Beach & Cabana Club Pool which has some pretty neat history to it, built in 1937 and evidently is a legendary establishment and historic landmark. It has to be pretty special was the price tag for a day's visit was $200 a room, you can pick you jaw up now, lol, thankfully for us the company picked up that tab for everyone, otherwise we wouldn't have gone. We lounged around there for a few hours then headed back to the room to get ready for some wine tasting and dinner at Wine Cask. 
We found this funky looking plant on our walk

Another find on our walk, this house was like 11sq ft and selling for 6mil, THAT IS INSANE!!!

Breakfast view
Couple massage time

The view from the massage room

The Crazy Expensive Pool

 The boys playing football on the beach

 First stop on our wine tasting

What a fun crew
Another wine tasting

Another stop
It was the cutest little area
The last of our wine tasting for tonight

The Restaurant we ate at for dinner
Day 121: Love this guy!
Ryan and I at dinner!

 May 2nd
 As much as I think its fabulous that people exercise on vaca, I am not typically the person that does so. My idea of vaca is the complete other end of the spectrum of exercise unless walking around shopping for souvenirs counts. This trip I decided to pack the running shoes and I am so glad I did, going for a run the last couple of days along the beach was super peaceful and to then to have my quiet time on the beach even more so!
So I am not a drinker really at all, I will occasionally have a taste of something on special occasions or on vacation but it might happen once a year if that, so I wasn't real sure what to expect on a wine tour. I figured if anything I would enjoy taking pictures! It was actually really fun and interesting! The first place we stopped was actually in a warehouse called Dragonette Cellars. It was a super cool environment literally and physically, us girls were wrapped up in blankets. 
2nd stop was Melville Winery where we had a picnic lunch and got to see a proposal!
3rd Stop was Dierbery Starlane where we got to hang out in a barn, bean bag toss, and bocce ball!
After the wine tour we went back to the hotel rested some and then met the rest of the crew and went to dinner at Seagrass.

 Ryan joined me

1st Stop one Wine Tour

 I was pretending like I knew what smelling wine meant, lol

 Jayme giving it a go too

The Wives

2nd Stop-Melville Winery

The Picnic was so fun!

3rd Stop-Dierbery Starlane

Day 122:
Dinner time and Ryan has informed me I've hit my max on pics with him... we'll see
 Ready for dinner

 May 3rd
Most of the couples had been bike riding into town in the mornings and I told Ryan we had to before we left, so that's what did. We rented bikes from the hotel and run into town for breakfast, it was so much fun, but let me tell you, when people say "it's like riding bike" that must have not been referring to me, it took me a little while to get my bike legs back and I am definitely a little cautious about driving in the middle of the street or over a highway, yikes! We had a lot of fun though! We ate breakfast at the cutest and yummiest restaurant called Jeannine's. I even made Ryan buy me a coffee mug! After breakfast we took the scenic route home to check out the town a little. 
After our bike ride it was time to go back and pack up to head home to see our babies!  

 So Yummy
 Ryan hates when I take pictures of my food, but I can't help it, I get it from my mama!
 Trying to ride a bike and take a pic is not easy for this girl

 This is Ty Warner's house, inventor of Beanie Babies

Day 123:
A Great Way to end our trip! Bike ride into town!
 He also hates when I ask people to take our picture

 Just some hotel views

 There was a little putting green outside our room

And back home on the private jet

 We made it home in time to see that last bit of Brady's game, however we did miss his first "grandslam" In quotations b/c technically it was a single with a few errors.

Ryan's mom sent us this picture one day and told us Brady said he was relaxing in paradise with his sweet tea!
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