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May 21st-28th Hilary Everyday, Brady's Field Day, Memorial Day, Hello Kitty Cardboard Box Car

 May 21
Day 141: 
Brought to you by the letter P-Purple Day! Wear purple, Eat purple! Well, I added the eat purple b/c you know I love fun lunches!
Supporting Red Nose Day! Red Nose Day is a campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young people living in poverty by simply having fun and making people laugh, I think we are pretty good at that last part 😉😂!
All of our Walgreens were sold out of red noses but they do have stickers or there is always this fun app!

Brady got asked by another team to play with them this weekend and they had practice tonight, Corby for whatever reason thought it was funny to lay down on the track. 

May 22nd
Today was Brady's schools field day or what they call fun day, so I had someone come over and watch the youngest two, so I could spend the day with him. Crazy Texas weather however kind of put  a damper on things, most of the day it was 60 degrees with a chilly breeze and a little drizzle and
and we had fun despite but we had to finish a little early b/c it started pouring on us, I was about done anyway and so were the kids so it turned out to be a fun day!

Day 142: 
Field Day fun! 60 degree weather, a chilly breeze, and drizzle won't keep us down! This is the definitely the first time I've ever needed a coat and wished I hadn't wore flip flops to field day!  

 He has huge feet for his age and they look just like Ryan's, he has his monkey toes, so this game was perfect for him!

 Not only is he competitive but he's cute too!

May 23rd
Corby is as cute as can be but he definitely keeps us on our toes, he is fast and a climber! This picture captures what all of our faces look like a majority of the time...
 I think they realized they all might be in trouble! How do you not realize your brother is climbing onto the table as you sit at the table? Guess the same could be said of me, I was standing just a few ft away!!

 Just a chillin'

Day 143: 
Bitter Sweet-Packing up all your baby stuff! Sad to say goodbye to so many things that filled our house for so many years but for the first time I am able to to let go of stuff with joy b/c I know my family is complete! Ryan is even more excited b/c we actually have some free space in our garage, lol!

May 24th
Day 144: 
Cannon Ball! Rain stopped so that means it's warm enough to swim right???!!! Not so much but they are anyway! 

  He usually his pretty happy just walking around the pool and throwing things in, but he decided he needed in today...
 Probably the only time naked chub is cute by the pool!
 And the two crazies in the back, trying to photo bomb!

May 25th
Happy Memorial Day!
Day 145: 
Happy Memorial Day! We were determined to get the boat on the lake, we didn't last long and we didn't dare get ourselves in the water but we did get the boat in for a few hours! Still a little chilly for swimming and this rain will not stop!

 He loves his daddy!
 Corby isn't a real fan of the boat going fast, so he pretty much stays right here in my lap, which I don't mind at all!
 Hard to see, but this lake is so full b/c of all the rain that is a playground under water

 Charley's turn to drive
  Corby dancing to one of his favorite songs!

May 26th

 I'm beginning to think he needs to be attached to me at all times, he is too fast and seriously sneaky but sure cute! And yes we are wearing the same outfit we had on yesterday and yes we slept in it too, not judging please!!!

Day 146: 
Passport Pic is done! We are headed to Mexico in August, can't wait! 

Like I mentioned in a earlier post, its transportation week at Charley's school, so they get to have a drive-in movie day tomorrow and one thing you'll learn about me, if you haven't already, I love all things creative but probably like most creative people I am a huge procrastinator! Anyway, several weeks ago Charley and the rest of the kids at her school were given an assignment to build a cardboard box big enough for them to sit in, that was all the instructions we were given so I wasn't real sure what to expect. Each grade level was given a different day to bring in their car, which I am very thankful for b/c I was able to see what crazy over the top cars people were bringing in and realized very quickly I shouldn't have procrastinated on this assignment. Another thing you'll learn about me is that I'm super competitive so if there is any kind of competition I want to win! 

I was trying to come up with a cute/fun car idea that would be fairly easy yet super cute! Charley is really into Hello Kitty so I started searching on Pinterest for some ideas. 
This was our first attempt-
I was trying to copy something I saw on Pinterest and realized that it was going to be a little more complicated than I was ready for.

May 27th

Pajama Day for Brady and the 2nd graders b/c Friday is their field trip day! He told me next year he might be too big to wear pajamas to school
As kids a Fisher Price castle just like was one of my sisters and mine favorite toys, in fact my mom still has ours and our kids play with it now! So when I found one on Ebay with all the people and parts I knew I had to have it!

And here is the second and final attempt-
This time around I went to Uhaul and bought a wardrobe box. I taped up the ends and cut out a place for her to sit and then cut out a window for the windshield. I sprayed painted it white added flower chargers for tires and then black and sliver plates for the wheels and hubcaps. I cut her eyes, nose, and bow out of cardstock and whiskers out of leftover cardboard box and spray painted them black. The finally touches were pink and white polka dot wrapping paper in the inside and poster board lights around the trim and windshield.

I let her help a little

Showing off the final product

Day 147: 
I have been so blessed meeting with these two ladies weekly for the past 15+ weeks studying God's word! These two will always have a special place in my heart, one of course, for just being fabulous women but two for being my very first One on One with God group to lead! Thank y'all! Love y'all! 

May 28th 
Today is Drive-In Movie Day!!! We had to take some more pics before heading to school with Charley in her matching HK shirt and sunglasses.

Charley won 3rd Place in Most Creative for the entire school and 1st place in her grade level!

Displaying IMG_5203.JPG 

Day 148:
 Girl time in Canton! A little shopping and some hanging @merrysonmain booth!

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