Tuesday, July 21, 2015

May 4th-May 11th Hilary Everyday, Piano Recital and Mother's Day

May 4th
Back to Reality with my Babies! 

Day 124: 
Back to Reality! This is how I really roll...driving 3 crazies around, dragging the crazies to grocery store and a little 1/2  price starbucks!  
 I missed this boy chillin in my bed

May 5th 
Happy Cinco De Mayo!
Day 125:
 It never fails, every time we leave the gym, Corbs runs into their cafe and darts straight towards the chips and the water display on the other side. He will take a few off, hand them to the cashiers, sometimes to strangers and sometimes just puts them right back and starts all over again! Everyone in the cafe knows him as the cute crazy chip guy! Today there was a new display he took a liking too! I'm thinking Corby should be the new face for Core Power, Tony Romo move over, Because Protein Powers Corby's Drive x2!
It's safe to say the kids enjoyed our Taco Tuesday on this Cinco De Mayo and that perhaps next time Corbs shouldn't wear white! 

May 6th
Day 126: 
As a girl mom there are certain values, characteristics, etc that are super important that I need to instill in her, one being the importance of Shoes 👠👢👡👟😉😂 and it seems she has already learned it! Love this girl and that she insisted she grab her Cinderella shoes to take the picture!
"Shoes matter just ask Cinderella!"
May 7th 
Catching up on Grey's which is going to take me forever! 
My 2nd oldest niece is graduating and I got to take her senior pics this afternoon!   
Day 127: 
Desperately trying to catch up on my Grey's so I can watch the episode everyone was talking about! 
Taking Kendra's senior pics today, what happened to my baby niece? 

Crazy runs in the family 

May 8th 
Nap time say what? Sleeps through a deafening high pitched beeping sound coming from the smoke detector in his room but the minute I walk in to fix it he wakes up and decides it time to play! 

Day 128: 
Mother's Day celebrations with Nani and Booga! Poor Cori was sick, so Steph and her had to stay home!
 Corby's first roll
Look who has learned to come down the stairs by himself!

May 9th
 Lord, remind us how important it is that we obey You and treat others the way we want to be treated. Remind us that Your salvation enables us to live as lights in a dark world. (Our Daily Bread Devo) Titus 3:1-7

Brady had is first piano recital today and did GREAT! We are so proud of him!

 Day 129: 
Brady's first piano recital! So proud of him!


May 10th
Happy Mother's Day!
I do not remember there every being a day that I didn't dream, wish, or think about growing up and being a mama, it truly is the greatest gift  and my biggest joy! 2 years ago on Mother's Day I received a best gift ever!!!! After a 2yr journey of trying/wanting almost giving up on having a 3rd baby I found out I was pregnant, so Mother's Day will even more so have a special place in my heart! You can see the full sappy/happy story here. So today I can not help but be more thankful for my Corbster and my other big blessings!  

I have the BEST mom ever!!!

Me and my girl and our matching MJ ruffles

May 11th
Day 131: 
The day you realize your freezer door must have been cracked for days b/c there is a foul, take your breathe away smell coming from the garage and leakage come from your freezer! Oh but the thought of how the $$$$$$ that is being thrown away is much worse than the smell! Positive note, the freezer is in the garage and not the house!  

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