Tuesday, February 23, 2016

VegasCation Day 3

Today was a shopping day at the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian. I covered 7.5 miles in 3hrs, I'd call that a successful shopping day for sure!
First stop was th most fun candy store, I had to take some pics to send the kids. This sign is made of jelly beans!

What a spectacular view!

 Brady's guess to how many licks it would take to get to the center was 2million, Charley's guess 15, lol!
 Everywhere around town you ca see Chinese New Year decorations, I though these monkeys were too cute!

 I stopped and had lunch at Lobster Me and had a Original Maine Lobster Roll and fries and the best part a Dr. Pepper!!! Most places here only carry Pepsi products which I do not do, so to find a DP made my day!

 After several hours of shopping, really more walking and looking, I went back to the room get ready for my last Las Vegas run. I found this super cute pants at Victorica's Secret and decided to wear them today and boy did they bring me some luck. I have not been able to run this pace for more than 3miles so I was stoked and decided these would for sure be a part of my race gear Sunday for my race. Although an exciting pace it's not realistic for 13.1 miles, I am praying to find a little slower groove and be able to stick with it. 

Brady wanted to call me discuss his costume for an upcoming live museum they have at school. After a brief discussion he asked if I knew where his bible was so that he could look up a verse they learned at Good News club, a christian after school club that he has on Tuesdays. He found his bible he read me the verse to me and I couldn't help but feel proud, this was his face when I told him he had made my heart happy! Love this kid and his brother and sister! We have had a great time but man do I wish these our kids!

 Fixing to head to see the Blue Man Group so Blue wearing blue was in order! I am in love with my new Noonday Collection feathered earrings.
 The show was at the Luxor Hotel, I am just amazed by all the hotels. I don't remember seeing the inside of as many my last time here.

 I caught a marshmallow, that probably doesn't mean anything to you unless you've seen the show.
 I wish you could have seen me, I was crying I was laughing so hard, being buried by paper, this picture was after finding a way out!
After the show it was back to the hotel for some gambling for Ryan, I stood around and acted as the supportive wife for a while and then decided it was time for me to head back to the room. 

I got to enjoy lots of alone, much needed quiet time, a little mommycation but more important getting some one on one time with Ryan but we are anxious to get home to hug the kiddos tomorrow! 

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