Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sept. 5th Celebrating Kara's Cutie Pie

Some of my BFF's threw another BFF, Kara a church shower tonight. Kara is having a boy this time around, so we couldn't be happier that Corby will have a buddy!
Jenn had the idea to do a cutie pie theme so all the food were pies! We had a great time, us girls don't get together enough!
 Kara showing off her bump and cute sign

 Eating and Visiting what us Baptist girls do best
 Kara's sister, mom, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law got to come

 Opening presents
 Little bro shirt Kari made

 Kara, Kari, Jenn, and Me

Charley from this morning, showing off Corby's new paci and paci holder aka lovie! Both Brady and Charley used this pacis so I'm hoping Corby will love them too!
The monkey is a Pacimal  and they actual come with a paci attached but my kids were fans of orthopedic pacis so if that's the case with yours too then you have to buy a pacimals orthopedic adaptor. The paci is from My Pacifier.  

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  1. I love that shower theme! So cute!! You girls are so creative!

  2. I cannot Thank you enough for that shower. You girls mean so much to me.