Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept. 14th Soccer Saturday and Cousin Braeleigh's 7th Birthday

Today was Brady's second soccer game, thankfully it was not as hot today as last week.
Brady woke up last Monday morning crying/complaining about his groin area hurting and he was limping. I wasn't real sure what to do for him, Ryan and I both thought it could be just a pulled muscle, if 6 yr olds can even pull a muscle, so I gave him some Tylenol and told him it would loosen up after walking on it awhile. After school it seemed to be better.
Friday he woke up complaining again poor guy! He missed practice Friday night b/c he went hunting again with Ryan, but woke up today and he was still limping a bit! But when game time came, he was ready to play! You could tell it was still bothering him even in the game he would kind of limp at times but man he turned it on when he was supposed to. He ran his little heart out and play just as hard if not harder as he always does, the competitive part of me was super proud of his drive and determination to be tough and pull through it and the mama in me wanted to go check on him every five minutes to make sure he was ok! (but don't worry I didn't) We bought him some blue stuff ( kinda of like icy hot but it doens't get hot or cold and its odor free) and put some on and so far he hasn't complained again.
Brady and Cooper's first time playing against each other
Brady and Cooper fighting over the ball

2 Super Intense little guys

Love these girls!
Braeleigh Turns 7!
Not only is cousin Braeleigh's birthday today her party was too! It was a Game Night theme, so fun rt?

The birthday girl!
Ryan, Uncle Billy and Brady playing Uno. Brady told Bill, "someone's got to lose and its not going to be me!" Lol, this kids loves Uno!
Getting help from Cori and Charley

Cousin Cori and Booga
She was excited about this, lol

She loved her Dollie and Me outfits from us!
Can't get enough of this girl! Brady wouldn't let me take his picture :(
Cake time

Happy Birthday sweet Brae, we love you!
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