Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sept. 6th & 7th 22wks & Brady's First Soccer Game of the Season

Today marks 22wks. Corby is a zucchini squash this week! I'm already feeling big (belly bump comparison coming soon) , but loving my belly, and feeling him kick around all the time! Being on my feet at work has been hard already which seems really early but I'm learning things happen a lot  quicker with the 3rd pregnancy. I'm learning to sit when I can, especially during instruction time. My kids and even my students are already so protective of me, I love it, its super sweet!

Sept. 7th
 I love Brady and love watching him do anything but I H-A-T-E soccer!!! I will continue to support him if this is the game he chooses to play but man I'm secretly hoping this is his last season! He is by far the cutest and fastest on team!

 Love this one!
 He came super close to scoring a goal!
Really close!
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  1. Hey Hilary...I am dying that I stumbled onto your blog. I was looking at an old pin from pinterest (silly string gender reveal), and clicked on the picture hoping to see a post about it...and it was you and your precious family. Your kids are beautiful. I enjoyed catching up on what your family has been up to. Hope all is well in the Boozer family.

  2. Oh My Goodness! So crazy! How are ya girl! I'm at work but quickly scrolled through your first couple of posts, you're family is beautiful as well (thanks btw! I will definitely be going back and catching up on older posts! So good to hear from you!