Friday, September 13, 2013

Sept. 13th 23wks & Charley's First Gymnastics Class

I am 23wks today, to think in just 4wks I'll be in my third trimester is crazy!
I went in for a check up yesterday and all is good, besides the weight I've put on, lol! Shocking maybe to some but I've already gained 25lbs which means I'm probably right on track with my 50lb previous pregnancies weight and I swear 20 of it is in my bottom  and thighs, which is also typically for me! As much as some of the extra dimples and jigglies aren't so cute I'm embracing it all, its my last pregnancy and I'm trying to cherish all of it, even the ugly!
Ryan and I have been saying for months now that Charley would be great at gymnastics, she just seems to have a little gymnastic body right now and loves to climb, roll, and swing herself. So I decided to go check out Sunbelt Gymnastics. They have a pre-gym class for 3-4 on Friday mornings which is perfect for us!
She was in her element, she absolutely loved it! She was smiling and bouncing with joy the entire time and kept waving at me. There was no question after class that we would have to sign up for sure!
This is actually Charley's first anything, so I was probably just as excited as her to see her interact, play, and get to do her own thing!  Maybe tball will be on our list to check off next!

Before class
 Walking about with her teacher



After class we decided we would go shopping for leotards. Silly me thought we could just continue to wear stuff like we wore today,  but to my surprise we were the only ones not in a leotard! I know we could continue to wear this but why when you can wear such cute little leotards.

 In the dressing room-FIRST LEOTARD

 At home, still wearing her leotard

Yes, still in her leotard going to bed!

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  1. So cute! Glad to know other people out there gain 50 lbs on more then one pregnancy...I gained 50, 50 and 52. :o/