Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sept. 4th & 5th Charley Girl

This girl makes me crazy but even more importantly she makes me smile and fills me with JOY!
I love our two days together just the two of us!
 First time to wear piggy buns, had to snap at picture at  her school

 Charley started last Wednesday (Aug. 28th) not wearing a pull up at night and has gone all week without an accident, Wahooo!!!
She could have stopped wearing probably 2 months if not 3 months ago, but I was at that point where better be safe than sorry, rather buy pull ups then clean sheets.
 Showing off her pjs with no pull up
Sept. 5th
Starbucks visit and today Miss. Charley got a special note too on her very own "Chocolate Coffee" aka chocolate milk. After getting our coffee we headed to go to a friend's new baby Nixon and Charley could hardly wait, she loves her some babies just like her mama! 

 All Charley wanted to do was hold baby Nixon, she is going to be a great big helper!
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